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Running the show at an elite level: 2024 KJ Greene Jr. (Upward Stars)

In the scouting world, there are key factors that stand out for many scouts that grab their attention immediately.  For me personally, a point guard that can absolutely run the show and one that a coach doesn’t have to worry about on the court simply attracts my eyes.  There are a few out there that do that; one was 2023 Trey Green when we first watched him years ago and still doing it today. ...

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Coach Rick’s TOC: Bright future for young prospects

The Coach Rick's TOC was off the charts with talent. One thing is for sure is that the future around the region looks to be bright, as there were several young prospects that really captured our eyes and should be household names. Check out a few young players that will be ones you will want to know.

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South Carolina Top 80 Camp Evaluations: Team 8

Team 8 Coach: Kenny Orr #0: 5’9 ’21 Omazeon Tinsley (Lancaster) Starting things off, we look at a player that knows how to make his presence felt as a sharp, quick two-way floor general, Omazeon Tinsley. He’s a smart, heady point guard prospect with the understanding of how to properly run a team while applying pressure as a three-level scoring threat. Tinsley is great at getting downhill...

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Special K’s Hoops Take: NC/SC Top80 Standouts

Christ Essandoko 6’11 Christ Essandoko 2022 was unbelievable today as he showcased his dominance on the offensive end scoring in a wide variety of ways. His presence in the paint is so overwhelming as he scores at will around the basket and overpowers his defender. He rebounds the ball at a very high level and runs the floor pretty well. He showcased a unique ability to attack from the high post...

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Player Standouts at NC Top 80 v. SC Top 80

Jamarii Thomas- The tough, heady point guard prospect offered a very consistent two-way presence, overwhelming opponents with his motor and toughness. Thomas attacks the basket very well and displays a strong balance between scoring and playmaking. He’s great in the open floor and shows a willingness to make hustle plays. Julian Kiett- It’s somewhat perplexing to try and understand why Kiett...

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South Carolina Jr. Phenom: Team 5 Evaluations

South Carolina Jr. Phenom Evaluations   Team 5 Coach: Yusuf English   #15:5’4 ’25 Cameron Davis (Columbia, SC) Starting thins off, we look at a player that brought an excellent attitude to the team and looked to motivate whenever possible, Cameron Davis. He’s a guard with a solid nose for the ball, always ready to make a play and try to secure extra possessions for the team. Davis...

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