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South Carolina Top 80 Camp Evaluations: Team 8

Team 8 Coach: Kenny Orr #0: 5’9 ’21 Omazeon Tinsley (Lancaster) Starting things off, we look at a player that knows how to make his presence felt as a sharp, quick two-way floor general, Omazeon Tinsley. He’s a smart, heady point guard prospect with the understanding of how to properly run a team while applying pressure as a three-level scoring threat. Tinsley is great at getting downhill...

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Special K’s Hoops Take: NC/SC Top80 Standouts

Christ Essandoko 6’11 Christ Essandoko 2022 was unbelievable today as he showcased his dominance on the offensive end scoring in a wide variety of ways. His presence in the paint is so overwhelming as he scores at will around the basket and overpowers his defender. He rebounds the ball at a very high level and runs the floor pretty well. He showcased a unique ability to attack from the high post...

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Player Standouts at NC Top 80 v. SC Top 80

Jamarii Thomas- The tough, heady point guard prospect offered a very consistent two-way presence, overwhelming opponents with his motor and toughness. Thomas attacks the basket very well and displays a strong balance between scoring and playmaking. He’s great in the open floor and shows a willingness to make hustle plays. Julian Kiett- It’s somewhat perplexing to try and understand why Kiett...

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South Carolina Jr. Phenom: Team 5 Evaluations

South Carolina Jr. Phenom Evaluations   Team 5 Coach: Yusuf English   #15:5’4 ’25 Cameron Davis (Columbia, SC) Starting thins off, we look at a player that brought an excellent attitude to the team and looked to motivate whenever possible, Cameron Davis. He’s a guard with a solid nose for the ball, always ready to make a play and try to secure extra possessions for the team. Davis...

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