Jamarii Thomas- The tough, heady point guard prospect offered a very consistent two-way presence, overwhelming opponents with his motor and toughness. Thomas attacks the basket very well and displays a strong balance between scoring and playmaking. He's great in the open floor and shows a willingness to make hustle plays.

Julian Kiett- It's somewhat perplexing to try and understand why Kiett isn't more of a priority for next-level programs. He's long, athletic, and plays with nonstop energy, which naturally allows him to affect the action in various different ways. Kiett moves well without the ball and is capable of finishing above the rim or through contact. 

Elijah Gray- In terms of skill and versatility, one would be hard-pressed to find many guys with the ability to match Gray. He's very skilled, particularly for his size, and offers quality creation instincts off the bounce. Gray shoots the ball well, attacks the basket effectively, and can cause mismatches against all types of opponents. 

Kyle Greene- The smart, well-rounded point guard prospect was easily among the top floor generals on display. Greene operates with incredible pace and displays patience when breaking down the opposition or surveying in the open floor. He makes smart decisions with the ball in his hands and makes the best possible play without fail. Greene is a high-level player and will only continue to draw attention. 

Jai Smith- It would be difficult to point out many performers more purely dominant than Smith. He seemed to secure every rebound, block every shot, and finish everything above the rim, simply able to get whatever he wanted. Smith has become a noteworthy prospect, and rightfully so, as he has the tools to be an impact player for a variety of high-level programs. 

Christ Essandoko- The smart, skilled big man was easily one of the most impressive prospects on display. He's great with both hands out of the post but also displays range on his jumper and great passing instincts, especially for his size. Essandoko can play above the rim but typically operates below the basket and consistently applies pressure from the block.

Joseph Ferrante- Although faced with numerous difficult assignments throughout the day, Ferrante quietly excelled against each opponent. He displays phenomenal touch around the basket but can also reliably faceup and assert himself from midrange or beyond the arc. Ferrante utilizes his body well to secure rebounds and defend around the basket. 

Greg Jackson- Arguably one of the top prospects in attendance, Jackson continues to showcase an excellent two-way identity. He defends multiple positions, offers inside-out skill, and still has additional upside remaining. Jackson can post-up, operate off the bounce, or knock down shots along the perimeter. 

Noah Clowney- The long, wiry post prospect easily stood out among the top interior players throughout the entire camp. He has trended upward for much of the last six months, but still isn't receiving enough attention within his recruitment. Clowney is a steady scorer with touch, a capable perimeter jumper, and quality defensive instincts. He utilizes his length well and moves fluidly in transition. 

Toby Harris- Though he's been fairly dominant all summer, Harris arguably boosted his stock by thriving as a high-level complementary piece on both ends of the floor. He's a smooth shooter with incredible spot-up ability, but also understands how to score around the basket and make a lasting impact as a defender and rebounder. 

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