The Coach Rick’s TOC was off the charts with talent. One thing is for sure is that the future around the region looks to be bright, as there were several young prospects that really captured our eyes and should be household names. Check out a few young players that will be ones you will want to know.

2024 6'5 Jamal Brown (1-of-1 Elite)

For myself, it was personally my first viewing of this young man's game and he provided a ton of highlight-type players all throughout the weekend. Brown, who attends Word of God, should be a name that catches on more and more throughout North Carolina, especially with his size, explosiveness, and power at the rim.  Showing off his athleticism on both ends, whether throwing it down in transition or blocking shots, Brown brings excitement to the court. He still has room to grow with his perimeter feel but does have a strong post-feel, something you don't always see with a player that looks more like a wing. Brown is one to mark down though to watch more.

2024 6'5 Paul McNeil (Garner Road)

McNeil is special' it is easy to see when you truly sit down to watch his game. He has terrific size and a skill set to match, making him a tough matchup for any opponent. He showed all throughout the event his ability to impact the game and is showing he has that takeover ability (showed it on Day 3 with 37 points). McNeil's feel is special, showing that he is more than just a perimeter game; he brings more of an assertive feel, gets downhill, and finishes with great body control, while on top of his ability to rise up over defenders and knock down shots from all levels. He also does a tremendous job using his size in rebounding and blocking shots, while also turning it into transition. It is easy to see why schools are already coming hard his way.

2024 6'5 Rakease Passmore (NLPB)

Passmore took advantage of the opportunity, playing in front of college coaches.  They had to come away impressed and one can see the potential in this young man. With his size, athleticism and bounce, and ability to create for himself, Passmore checks off a lot of early boxes but there is still room for growth in his game.  Passmore is one that has fallen a little under the radar early on but it seems that coaches are starting to catch on with what he could be by the time he heads off to the next level.

2024 6'1 Dellquan Warren (Wildcat Select)

Another player that this was our first time viewing, Warren is going to be one that college coaches will want to monitor. Playing up on 17u, Warren plays with a tremendous feel in leading the charge offensively. He plays with a great pace and feel with the ball in his hands, creating for himself and a nice change of speed but also plays with such an unselfish feel.  Warren showed on several occasions his ability to play within the halfcourt or play fast out in transition, while also setting up his teammates well for easy baskets or showcasing his athleticism and getting to the rim. Really liked his feel in my first viewing.

2024 6'3 Kyle Greene (Upward Stars)

Greene continues to thrive and play well beyond his years on the court.  He has a natural feel and understanding for the game, playing at his own smooth pace. Greene doesn't need to be the spotlight to be effective, as he knows when he needs to get teammates involved or be assertive and look to score. He has the feel of a true point guard with his court awareness and IQ, while also scoring from all levels and showing how shifty he can be on the floor.

2025 6'0 Eli Ellis (Big Shots)

Ellis is certainly a known name throughout the area and he showed why at the event.  Part of the 2025 class, Ellis plays with such a strong feel and understanding to go along with his competitive nature. He has shown that he doesn't need much space to get his shot off at any level but what has to have you impressed is how he has continued to expand his offensive repertoire. His ability to get by defenders and finish around defenders is incredibly strong and is showing that his overall feel and how he can attack, as well as make plays for others is high level.

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