Christ Essandoko

6’11 Christ Essandoko 2022 was unbelievable today as he showcased his dominance on the offensive end scoring in a wide variety of ways. His presence in the paint is so overwhelming as he scores at will around the basket and overpowers his defender. He rebounds the ball at a very high level and runs the floor pretty well. He showcased a unique ability to attack from the high post and facing up down low. He also displayed the ability to stretch the floor and knock down open jumpers from three. He has the potential to be a very special player at the next level; he could be one of the next bigs from North Carolina to make it to the league. 

6’9 Jai Smith 2022 continues his impressive summer stint consistently showing his ability to dominate the game on both ends of the floor. He has a very unique combination of skill, athleticism, and a motor that allows him to affect the game in so many ways. He is a very productive player who controls the boards and pulls down double-digit rebounds game in and game out. With his height, athleticism, and fluidity, he is a very tough cover for any defender. Easy to see why he is such a highly touted player; regardless of his success, he continues to play hard every game. 

6’2 Kyle Greene2024 has developed into a fantastic guard and can only get better as he continues to develop. He already has a high IQ which allows him to be very effective in creating for himself and his teammates. Offensively, he can attack the defense in an abundance of ways which keeps the defense on their heels. He shoots the ball well off the catch and has developed a very nice midrange game. He has the potential to develop into a premier guard in that South Carolina 2024 class. This is a guy that college coaches should begin recruiting now to get an early start; he will be a very good player!

5’11 Trey Green 2023 is such a great floor general that continues to get better every time I watch him play. He has off the charts IQ that allows him to be very lethal as a pass-first point guard; he sets up his teammates and delivers the pass in the perfect spot for them to score. Being a pass-first point guard, he also possesses the skill set to be an efficient scorer; he operates well attacking the basket and in transition. Besides his ability to create, his ability to really defend ball handlers is one highlight of his game. He uses a blend of quickness, and defensive awareness to cause a ton of turnovers which lead to easy transition buckets. 

6’9 Gregory Jackson 2022 is very impressive and possesses the potential that seems to have no ceiling. His ability to obtain rebounds is quite intriguing; he has a very high motor which allows him to simply outwork defenders on a game-to-game basis. He has the ability and footwork that allows him to be almost a for sure two points around the rim. He also has the ability to open up and attack from the wing and very effectively from the high post. He displayed the ability to catch and shoot knocking down a few open jumpers. He will develop to be one of the better bigs to come out of South Carolina.

6’2 Shane Blakeney 2022 has been very impressive on the offensive end. He has showcased the ability to really shoot the ball well of the catch and off the dribble. He has attacked the basket very well and has converted around the rim. In transition, he really looks to get downhill and score or kick it to the open teammate for an easy basket. Defensively, he uses his length and quickness to stay in front of ball handlers and constantly disrupt passes. He was a definite leader for his team on the court all day today. 

6’3 RJ Felton 2021 is super impressive simply by how hard he competes and the way he attacks the basket relentlessly. He has the ability to change the game in a ton of different ways; he makes the right plays and does all the little things you need to win. He is super athletic and it is immediately displayed from the start of the game. He has a knack for drawing contact and getting to the line. He really looks to defend hard and cause a ton of turnovers. He is his best when attacking the rim and converting.