This past weekend, Phenom Hoops got back into the swing of things with our annual Prep Showcase and Winter Nationals. Although there was a ton of talent on the Prep side, the blossoming middle-school prospects were arguably more exciting. Plenty of standouts emerged from each age group, and this article will take a closer look at some notable performers from the Class of 2028…

6’5 Ethan Ofori (CC Elite)

There were several quality big men on display, and Ofori quietly showcased a ton of enticing flashes. He’s strong, mobile, and already understands how to anchor the paint on both ends of the floor. Ofori possesses a long, sturdy frame and displays a nice level of physicality around the basket. He finishes, rebounds, and blocks shots on a regular basis. Ofori also moves well without the ball and runs the floor properly in transition. It’s easy to see his path to becoming a notable name.

6’3 Ayo Awo Sanya (Team Cota Elite)

The Team Cota Elite roster had numerous standout performers, which certainly includes Sanya and everything he brought to the table. At 6-foot-3, he showcased a versatile identity with the ability to create, attack off the bounce, and knock down jumpers. Sanya offers a useful interior presence with the necessary blend of length, motor, and toughness to make his presence felt around the basket. He also rebounds and pushes the break effectively in transition. It’s difficult to envision a scenario where he doesn’t become a difference-maker at the high school level.

6’3 Landon Blakeney (Main Event)

Arguably one of the most productive players in attendance at our Winter Nationals, Blakeney did legitimately everything. His feel, toughness, and infectious energy allowed him to cause constant problems for opponents. Blakeney is a physically overwhelming rebounder and defender who simply understands how to outwork opponents on both ends of the floor. He scored in a variety of different ways, applied pressure in transition, and made great decisions as a playmaker. Blakeney has all the tools to blossom over the coming years.  

6’3 Aaron Parker (Garner Road)

Throughout the weekend, Parker stood out for his tools and intrigue as a long-term prospect. He didn’t necessarily look to score, but highlighted IQ, vision, and defensive instincts. Parker appeared comfortable rebounding the ball, pushing the break in transition, and making decisions with the ball in his hands. Already standing at a wiry 6-foot-3, expect Parker to progress going forward.

6’0 Eddie Cota (Team Cota Elite)

Rounding out this group, the young Cota seems to be hitting his stride as a player. Between his physical growth and overall skillset, there’s already a lot to like. Add in his current trajectory and genetic makeup, and it’s easy to be enticed. Cota was capable of running the offense and creating for himself and others. He scored the ball in a variety of ways and displayed quality feel on both ends of the floor. Cota will certainly be one to watch closely over the foreseeable future.