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Keep an eye on: 2024 6’8 Jared Taylor

Every year players go under the radar all throughout the country.  One player that has been a name popping up on multiple occasions as of late is 2024 6’8 Jared Taylor.  He showed up again at the Hoop State Fall League for Charlotte Elite Academy and he could be one that I may have my eyes on a little bit more with what he has continued to show. In Week 1, Taylor really showcased his...

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POB’s Eye Catchers from Week 1, Day 1 at #HoopStateLeague (Cox Mill)

2025 Miles Leaks (Panthers): Leaks was tremendous to start the day, as I was incredibly impressed with how the young guard operated on the floor.  He looked like a strong floor general on the floor, playing with a great pace and vision, finding his teammates and setting them up well, but also taking quality shots also.  Really enjoyed watching how he was able to operate on the court. Leaks is a...

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POB’s Eye Catchers from Summer Finale (Day 1) (Part 3)

2026 Latrell Allmond (Carolina Heights): Already showing that he is one of the premier rising young bigs around the region, Allmond came out and gave everyone a reminder of what he can provide on the floor. He continues to show how skilled he is with touch in the paint, scoring with great touch around the basket but also showing his ability to operate from other levels.  Also loved his impact in...

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Player Standouts at Phenom Summer Finale

6’7 ’25 Sadiq White (Elite One) Referring to White’s performance as “impressive” would be a massive understatement, as he dominated the game without even looking to do so. The ridiculously long, explosive forward controlled the glass, caused problems with his defensive presence, and finished seemingly anything he attempted around the basket. White plays so far above the rim that it’s almost...

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POB’s Eye Catchers from Phenom Challenge (Day 1, Part 2)

2024 Frederico Whitaker (Chapel Hill Blue Flames): With his team, it is giving a chance for Whitaker to show more of his scoring capabilities on the court. He did just that, as the 5’10 guard displays great speed and ability to create for himself, getting inside the defense and scoring strong around defenders but also making the defense pay with his perimeter shot.  Scrappy, tough, guard...

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