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POB’s Eye Catchers from Week 1, Day 1 at #HoopStateLeague (Cox Mill)

2025 Miles Leaks (Panthers): Leaks was tremendous to start the day, as I was incredibly impressed with how the young guard operated on the floor.  He looked like a strong floor general on the floor, playing with a great pace and vision, finding his teammates and setting them up well, but also taking quality shots also.  Really enjoyed watching how he was able to operate on the court. Leaks is a...

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Phenom Grassroots TOC Team Preview: Team HOPE 2024

The Phenom Grassroots TOC is this weekend in Rock Hill/Fort Mill, as it is the first LIVE Period with Phenom Hoops this season. The talent pool runs deep throughout and we want to give college coaches a leg up on who to watch and who will be in action. Here are a few players to check out for each team, presented by the head coach. Team HOPE 2024 Cinjun Bridges #5• Class of 2024 (Marvin Ridge)•...

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POB’s Eye Catchers from #PhenomOpenRun (Friday) (P.1)

2024 Joshua Clark (Mavs Elite): Clark was extremely active on the court, as the guard was constantly moving around the court, finding those openings to help him score easy baskets, and working hard on both ends. 2023 6’7 Nate Self (Team HUSL 2023): Self is a young big that has some early intangibles that you may like.  He not only showed that he can get on the glass, but he is a big that...

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