Back in 2022, Phenom Hoops brought a spotlight on 2024 6’8 Jared Taylor as one to watch, and late this summer and in the fall league, Taylor continues to prove that he could be one to watch even more.  He has been playing extremely well and bringing production to the table.

If you want to read what we said over a year ago, you can find it here:

Taylor is an interesting prospect to keep an eye on, and he showed that in Week 1 with NCL National as he led the charge offensively.  He has good size at 6’8, brings strength as well as athleticism to the table, battles and powers his way into scoring down in the paint and is active on the glass.  Taylor looks to finish strong at the rim and has been doing that consistently over the last few years.  And each time we have watched him on the court, you can see his impact and the production he brings to his team.   

When there are teams and programs looking for a big that can bring production to the table, Taylor may be one to really keep an eye on and watch more.