2024 Frederico Whitaker (Chapel Hill Blue Flames): With his team, it is giving a chance for Whitaker to show more of his scoring capabilities on the court. He did just that, as the 5’10 guard displays great speed and ability to create for himself, getting inside the defense and scoring strong around defenders but also making the defense pay with his perimeter shot.  Scrappy, tough, guard that plays with a ton of energy.

2024 Bobby Hardison III (Carolina Riptide 2024 White): Hardison was the go-to guy on Day 1 for the Riptide. The 6’4 prospect presence a tough matchup with his size but also his ability to create with the dribble, spot up from behind the arc, and make plays on the court.  Really mixed it up on the court but found his rhythm on Day 1 with his jump shot, scoring 27 points for his team.

2025 Bryce Baker (Team BOND): We have talked about Baker quite a few times in the past and he continues to help led the charge.  He makes the game look effortless at times.  Baker does a terrific job fighting through contact, mixing up his scoring impact, not forcing anything but also finding ways to get the ball in the hoop. He continues to be a young man that you will be hearing a lot more from.

2023 Miles Richman (PSB Raleigh Wilkerson): Richmond is a smooth operating prospect that can operate and feel comfortable working on multiple levels. He has the frame to do some work down low in the paint and show nice touch, but also step out with his mid-range game or deeper.  Add that to his ability to put it on the deck and create, Richman did a nice job mixing it up on the court.

2023 Jared Taylor (Grindhouse Lakers 17u): Taylor was a big part for his team’s win today, bringing that physical body inside the paint and really being a bruiser on the floor. He plays with a tough mentality and battles in the paint and on the boards.  Was a strong presence all game long and played extremely hard on both ends in the paint.

2022 Sam Cogan (Team Denver): Cogan continues to be an unsigned senior that could help a team at the next level.  Over the years, he has shown that he can create for himself and be an offensive presence on the court, and he continues to show that this summer. But you also have to like the balance he plays with, especially with the IQ, feel, and team/winning mentality he displayed during the high school season.

2023 JaKobe Hood (Team Hickory): Hood really came out strong to start his weekend, getting to his spots and really displaying his confidence from behind the arc.  On multiple occasions, he was able to get out and make the defense pay with the three ball. But he also showed tremendous poise and made the right decision on the floor as well; didn’t force anything or his shot.