The Hoop State League has been tremendous so far… a lot of talent, a great chance to watch these teams in action early on, and players are competing. Trust me, there are a lot of names that have been catching my eye so far, which is why I wanted to share JUST A FEW NAMES that have really stood out to me through two weeks at the Hoop State League. Check out the forwards/bigs that have impressed me so far that I’ve been able to see.

2024 Jared Taylor (NCL National): Taylor continues to bring production to the table, much like we have highlighted recently in an article. Strong, physical, athletic finisher at the rim; looks to rip the rim off and is active on the glass.

2025 Justice Mitchell (C-Town Elite): Skilled forward who has been bringing production to the table. Like his feel in the paint, can put it on the deck to create for himself, and has a nice touch around the basket. Has been a consistent force for his team.

2025 Jordan Buzzard (Charlotte Eagles): Buzzard has added more to his game in showing his ability to not only be strong inside but also step outside, stretch the court, make plays off the bounce, and really mix it up offensively.

2024 Maurio Hanson (Cougars): Hanson continues to be a strong presence in the paint. Good footwork, is skilled and can mix it up offensively, runs the floor and finishes at the rim, and shows the ability to step out and be a threat also. Strong showing throughout the fall league so far.

2025 Trent Steinour (Dive On It): Steinour is one of the top bigs in the Fall League, as he brings tremendous size to the floor as well as a flourishing skillset that continues to get better and better. He has been able to show more of his dominance down low, being stronger and more authoritative in the paint.

2024 Makoi (Gabby) Mabor (Fire Babies): Mabor has been a known name throughout our platform, and he continues to be a strong big force down in the paint and on the boards. But what has been interesting to watch is what he has added to his game, especially being able to step out more as a big.

2026 Mason Robinson (Hurricanes): A promising young forward to watch out for, one can see that he is starting to add more and understand his game.  He has gotten stronger down low, scoring well on the block as well as altering shots, but shows confidence in stretching the floor at times.

2026 Tyler Brown (Team Teal): Another young forward that moves well, brings length to the table, and should only get better.  Can make an impact on both sides of the court, and shows a versatile game that allows him to make plays in a variety of ways.

2025 Ira Wilson (Sabres): Wilson is one that can make you pay in a variety of ways. Shows feel and touch around the basket, a strong frame to battle, good footwork and skillset, can handle well for his size, and competes on both sides of the ball.

2024 Jacob Brandly (Combine): A smaller forward but one that can be deadly on the court. He has the body to battle and make a presence down low, but he can hurt you TREMENDOUSLY in pick-and-pop situations and from behind the arc, as he has shown time after time.