Nearly two weeks ago, we put out some predictions for the NCISAA playoffs. That article offered a brief look at each classification, picking a favorite and darkhorse contender from each. Fast-forward to now, and we’ve reached the final stage of determining who will ultimately win it all. Before looking at the upcoming games, let’s see how we’ve fared thus far:


Prediction- United Faith

Darkhorse- Victory Christian


Prediction- The Burlington School

Darkhorse- Greenfield


Prediction: High Point Christian

Darkhorse: Greensboro Day


Prediction: Christ School

Darkhorse: Providence Day

As we all know, the high school playoffs represent the period where any team can prevail at any given time. Records, reputations, and everything else goes out the window. The basketball is rolled out and we watch who comes out of the cage fight victorious. So many factors and variables determine how to win games. The most talented team doesn’t always win, as evidenced by decades of athletics at the high school, collegiate, and professional levels. Let’s dive into each classification, moving onto 2A:

Quite possibly the most competitive classification in the NCISAA, advancing through this bloodbath of a bracket has been nothing short of a battle. Last night, Greenfield and Davidson Day each punched their ticket to the state championship. They’ll play on Saturday to determine who is crowned the top team in 2A.

Over the last twelve months, Davidson Day has undergone major change. Between the hiring of Coach James Long and complete overhaul of the roster, the Patriots elevated their record from 5-17 to 23-7. Adding the likes of Levon Jacobs, Will Stevens, Mason Smith, Isaiah Denis, Brady Kester, Eric Kniple, and even Hank Neace (who has been sidelined this season due to injury) is pretty incredible within the designated timeline. Since the 2024 calendar year, this group has only lost two games (Combine National and Carmel Christian).

On the other side, Greenfield has been a model of consistency for an extremely long time. In addition to notable sophomore Kobe Edwards, their senior-laden group of Nik Edwards, Tyler Barnes, Matt Kirby, Gabe Marquis provide a ton of production for the Knights. Furthermore, it seems like this group has a firm grasp and overall understanding of team basketball, respective roles, and how to play amidst adversity. Both teams are phenomenal and have each hit their stride at the appropriate time, so it should be a highly entertaining contest. If it’s been said once, it’s been said a thousand times: do not bet against Coach Rob Salter. Therefore, I won’t. Prediction: Greenfield.