By: Kevin Moses

Pro One Select 15u played up in Bermuda Run at the Coach Rick TOC presented by Phenom Hoops and we were quite impressed with what we saw from them. These kids played hard-nosed high IQ basketball. They won their first game in blowout fashion. Then, in a game they were undersized, they were swarming all over the bigger offensive players and were relentlessly getting after the ball.

Lights-out shooting got them into the semifinals. In that game, they started slow but came in strong roaring back from an early led by Big Shots Elite NC who were also playing up. From that point, it was a heavy-weight battle. Turnovers cost them this hard-fought game, but they really were able to make noise and open up plenty of eyes with their play. The future looks bright for Tennessee hoops, as Pro One Select 15u came to play and gave us a show worth watching every time out.

What Was Said:

2026 Jibriel Koko (Pro One) is a superb guard that plays with such tremendous feel, a great understanding, creates well off the dribble, and just knows how to bring a balanced attack to the court. Very impressed with him playing up.”

“2026 Britton Lewis (Pro One) found a lot of bright spots today acting as the team’s primary interior piece, undersized but smart and able to produce in the flow of action, useful cutter that knows his game, good option to mix between 4 and 5 out looks.”

“026 Jibriel Koko (Pro One) with stellar composure handling the 1v1 pressure up the court, blow by speed and breakdown precision to get wherever he wants, decisive shifts of pace and a tight handle, clearly who you want the ball in the hands of late game.”

“2026 Dan Lanning (Pro One) is the sound voice of reason that makes everything work for this group, vocal leader with strong ball handling, good build and balance to make plays in the lane through contact, makes a living with the drive n kick to Williams”

“2026 Eli Williams (Pro One) continues to be a premier shooter in this class, excellent fundamentals with pace and IQ to comfortably find his looks readily off the catch, has the ability to ice the game away with how quickly 3’s add up for him.”