2026 Sam Quebedeaux (Team Push):

Quebedeux had a very good showing all throughout the Coach Rick TOC and should be a name that more people start learning as he heads into the upcoming high school season.  At the event though, he was a very good scoring presence consistently throughout and did so in a variety of ways.  He plays under control and at a great pace, sees/reads the floor well, is a high IQ prospect that can not only make the right decisions and play within the offense, but also be a deadly weapon in his ability to knock down shots.  Though he has a very confident shot, he is also one that can create scoring opportunities in an array of other ways.  Time after time, he was leading the team offensively, showing how crafty he can be and how he can help control the game.

2024 Jeffrey Clark (Team Trezz):

One could look at Clark as a bit of a late-bloomer, but he could also be one of those players that went a bit under the radar but is performing well on the big stage this summer. His name has consistently been popping up with his play, and who could blame you with his long 6’6 frame?  He brings tremendous length and playmaking outside as a wing prospect. Clark can not only defend multiple positions with his size and wingspan, but impacts the game in so many ways for his team. Whether it is scoring inside and out, making plays off the bounce, rebounding, or just being overall active on the court, Clark just finds ways to make his presence felt.  He had a very good weekend in Bermuda Run, and even walked away with another offer on the table.

2024 Cal Barrett (NC Spartans):

Barrett is one that I don’t think gets the credit for what he provides, so we are here to share more about his game.  He is one that continues to be a vital piece on the court for the NC Spartans. At 6’8/6’9, Barrett brings a strong skill set that allows him to use his blend of size, athleticism, and shot-making ability and be a problem for opponents. Barrett can operate from a variety of levels; whether it is being that stronger presence around the basket, stepping out for his mid-range shot, or even showing his range from behind the arc, and that is on top of how well he moves and run the floor and be a presence on the boards.  He is one that can be a tough matchup and if a college program can find ways to utilize his skill set, he can be a very good weapon for them.  Really liked what I saw overall at the event with his game.