Shane Batten (TPLS):

If you are looking for an offensive scoring threat, Batten would be on the top of that list as he put on a show game after game after game. Batten is a 5’10 guard that put on a showing show, as he was able to get up plenty of shots and scored from all levels of the court. He was knocking down threes and showing range, was able to get to his spots for his pull-up jumper, and finished several times around the basket, creating well and not settling. He had several impressive showing, including a 45-point showing at the event.

2024 Keegan Burroughs (Moravian Prep):

Burroughs is a 6’11 big man who understands and has the fundamentals to excel around the paint. He showed a good feeling in operating in the post, sealing down low and showing touch, as well as being physical on the glass. Burroughs was also to make plays in pick and roll situations, as well as running the floor in transition. He displayed a great feel in being a double-double, physical, and strong forward down low and could be a great addition for a program.

2024 Jacob Brandly (Combine):

We have said it time and time again, but we are here to say it once again. Brandly is a unique matchup problem on the court, as the 6’6 forward is able to make plays in several areas of the court. One area that he excels in is his ability to stretch the court, picking and popping out from three or also simply knocking down shots off the catch. But he has the size and skillset to operate down in the post and finish with touch and over defenders. Brandly is one that simply causes problems for opponents as an inside-out threat.

2024 Tony Goodman (Combine Global):

Goodman is a guard who really captured the eyes of our scouts with his play. He plays with a smooth and effortless pace on the court, but is a strong offensive weapon on the court.  Offensively, he really shined as an offensive scorer, finishing with a soft touch over defenders, having a good feel in traffic, and is shifty at his own pace to make plays.  Also really liked his vision in delivering timely passes to his teammates. Really was able to excel as a playmaker on the court throughout the event.

2024 Dean Simos (WS Christian PG):

Another fluid big man who was able to shine in a variety of ways with his play, Simos led the way for WS Christian PG at the event. He has a fluid feel and operates well from multiple levels. He was able to finish strong and show footwork around the paint, having a good feel around defenders but also being able to stretch the court and be a weapon.  Simos battled and was physical, really being active on the glass and producing.