Height: 6'8

Class: 2024

School: Wesleyan Christian

Travel Team: NC Spartans Pittman

What Was Recently Said:

It's quite easy to see the long-term appeal of a prospect like Luke Morgan. He's a long, wiry post prospect with touch, mobility, and tons of upside. Morgan already highlights flashes of offensive skill as a finisher, both out of the post and above the rim, and the ability to space the floor if necessary. He moves very well for his size, runs the floor properly in transition, and utilizes his length effectively as a rebounder and shot-altering presence. Although he's already a useful piece, Morgan should only continue to trend upward as his body continues to develop. 

What To Expect:

After picking up an offer from Navy, folks should be well-aware of Morgan's status as a clear leader for Wesleyan Christian. Though he's still physically developing, the long, wiry forward/post prospect should have no issue asserting himself for the Trojans. Morgan finishes around the basket, spaces the floor, and passes the ball effectively for his size/position. He moves well and utilizes his length properly to alter shots around the basket. Morgan displays an active rebounding presence on both ends of the floor and doesn't shy away from physical play within the paint. He moves well for his size and runs the floor effectively in transition. Morgan regularly does the dirty work, battles for extra opportunities, and outworks his assignment. He should have a strong senior campaign and turn the heads of college coaches as a focal point for Wesleyan Christian.