Height: 6'0

Class: 2025

School: Combine Academy Regional

Travel Team: Brandtford Hawks

What Was Recently Said:

Any true enjoyer of basketball will love to watch Combine Regional and their cast of talented pieces, which certainly includes Dylan Craven. Despite being one of the younger players on the roster, he's an incredibly intelligent, unselfish, true point guard with an understanding of how to run a team and set the tone on both ends of the floor. Craven is such a savvy playmaker who breaks down defense, sees the entire floor, and makes the correct read with unwavering consistency. He's a capable scorer but clearly prioritizes getting his teammates quality looks in their ideal scoring positions. Craven sees the game multiple steps ahead of others, as evidenced by how he utilizes angles, forces defenses to collapse, and rarely has a lapse in judgment. He’s crafty, yet handles the ball with care and still gets wherever he wants on the floor with relative ease. It doesn't seem to matter if bigger or more athletic opponents try to contain him, as Craven's feel, methodical approach, and ability to put defenders where he wants them always seem to win out. Add in his quick first step, transition instincts, and active presence defensively, and it's easy to see his overall value. 

What To Expect:

At this point, college coaches should be well-informed of everything Craven brings to a team. He's a smart, extremely unselfish point guard with a natural playmaking sense and clear desire to get his teammates involved in the action. Craven sees the entire floor at all times and understands how to breakdown/manipulate defenses to create openings for himself and others. He possesses quickness and a tight handle, which he utilizes to touch the paint and locate open teammates. Craven is a quality defender at the point of attack and displays great instincts for forcing turnovers. He plays with great pace, makes smart decisions in transition, and does a terrific job of controlling the action. Craven also scores the ball at an efficient rate, but truly looks to set up others whenever possible. Add in his toughness and leadership qualities, and there's plenty to like with the point guard prospect.