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Dawkins’ Stockrisers: Phenom Stay Positive (Day 1)

2023 6’5 Justice Johnson (HYB Raps Extreme) HYB Raps Extreme 15U boasts one of this weekends most consistently dominant big man duos. Justice Johnson and Shymek Jones are both aggressive glass cleaners that are capable of leading their team in scoring. Justice is the shorter of the two and makes up for the 2 inch height different with his authoritative presence in the paint. Whether it’s...

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#PhenomQCMSS Late Afternoon/Evening Standouts: NW School of the Arts

Game Eight: Team Loaded 704 14U (71) Vs Queen City Thunder 14U (61) Team Loaded 704: 5’11 2023 Darius Abraham: 18 Points Abraham is an incredibly advanced scorer for his age, cold blooded in his approach, he makes a killing off the opposition’s defensive lapses, capitalizing on just about every opportunity possible.  He’s a knockdown shooter with excellent mechanics and he should continue to...

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