Game Eight: Team Loaded 704 14U (71) Vs Queen City Thunder 14U (61)

Team Loaded 704:

5’11 2023 Darius Abraham: 18 Points

Abraham is an incredibly advanced scorer for his age, cold blooded in his approach, he makes a killing off the opposition’s defensive lapses, capitalizing on just about every opportunity possible.  He’s a knockdown shooter with excellent mechanics and he should continue to hone that craft as he gets into his high school years.

5’9 2023 Dashawn Clinton: 15 Points

Clinton did a lot of damage in the first two games of the day in the hustle categories, he was swarming to the ball defensively, and just giving his all out there.  It was nice to see him get rewarded with some buckets in this last game, he did a great job moving without the ball to free himself up, capitalizing on his good looks at the rim.  He’s definitely the kind of kid you want on your team. 

Queen City Thunder:

5’11 2023 Jordan Allen: 8 Points

Allen was integral in The Queen City Thunder’s 2nd half comeback with his ability to finish at the rim and rebound at a high level.  He fought hard on the glass against some bigger guys, coming away with rebounds simply due to his effort in that aspect of the game.  As he works on his handle and develops his outside game, expect Allen’s player profile to grow.

6’1 2023 Jaylen Lee: 9 Points

Lee was arguably the best player in this contest with his heads up vision and creativity around the rim.  He’s a high IQ, strong bodied guard that was really productive in this one in just about every statistical category.  He feels like the leader of this team and did a great job keeping his guys in the contest.

Game Nine: Asheville Game Changers 14U Vs Next Level SC 14U

Asheville Game Changers:

6’3 2022 Athan Gill: 12 Points

Gill continues to impress every time he walks out onto the court possessing swagger for days doing a great job making momentum shifting plays for his team.  He’s athletic, can shoot it, and is way stronger than most kids his age.  Gill needs to work on his motor on the defensive side of the ball, but he has a lot of time to address that hole in his game.  The good far and away outweighs the bad with Gill, he’s a high level prospect that a lot of you guys reading will get familiar with sooner rather than later.

5’5 2023 Drew Hollifield: 11 Points

Hollifield is a tough competitor that can get scorching hot in a hurry from the perimeter.  He’s a crafty ball handler that can make a man or two miss off the dribble and his unlimited range forces defenders to play him super tight.  He still has a ways to go, but has a really solid foundation of tools to work with in the future.

Next Level SC:

6’4 2023 Jayden Boyd: 12 Points

Boyd was a strong interior presence in this one with his length and ability to box out on the boards.  He’s a hard working young kid that has a few low post moves in his arsenal at a young age, and should diversify his skillset over the coming years.  He looks like he’s still growing so if he reaches 6’6-6’8 he can become even more of an interesting prospect than he is now.

5’4 2023 Travelle Bryson: 15 Points

Bryson is another kid that plays much bigger than his size.  He finds a way to knock down important shots when his team needed it most.  He also does a good job running this team and plays the game in a fearless fashion. 

Game Ten: NC Hornets 14U (61) Vs Team Hickory 14U (25)

NC Hornets:

5’10 2023 Ollie Alford: 16 Points

Alford got it done all over the court today.  He scored at the rim, in the mid-range, from beyond the arc, and at the charity stripe, playing a huge role in his teams dominating performance.  He forced a bevy of turnovers on the defensive end, and executed his coach’s instructions to a tee, playing (for the most part) mistake free basketball.  This kid is going to be a really nice addition to his High School squad in the fall.

6’3 2023 Mario Hanson: 8 Points

Mario is a really advanced rebounder for his age, absolutely imposing his will on the glass in this one.  He cleaned up the mess on the offensive boards, and close out important possessions on the defensive boards.  Offensively he’s really strong around the rim and understands what his limitations are at this point.  As he continues to expand his skillset expect Manson to become a really productive High School player sooner rather than later.

Game Eleven: Team CP3 14U Vs Next Level SC

Team CP3:

5’10 2023 Aden Holloway: 18 Points

This kid is special.  He can score the ball literally whenever he wants and has range out to 30 feet.  He’s one of the more efficient young point guards that I’ve seen to date.  In a 2023 NC class full of really high level guards, there’s a legitimate argument that Holloway might be the best of the bunch.

5’10 2023 Xavier Matthews: 15 Points

Matthews is another smooth guard that makes the game look incredibly easy.  He does a great job using his patience when getting downhill and has excellent timing in regards to finishing in traffic.  He’s a smooth shooter from distance and should continue to increase his consistency from that range in the future. 

Next Level SC:

5’9 2023 Jordan Miller: 10 Points

Miller was Next Level SC’s most dynamic offensive player with his incredible vision and finishing ability at the cup.  He was likely flirting with a double double in regards to assists, it felt like every positive thing that happened for this group went through Miller.  He plays the game with a high sense of awareness and it really helps that he can make just about any shot on the court, demanding the respect of opposing defenders.  Definitely one of the better young floor generals I’ve seen today.