6’2 ’24 CJ Vaughn (NC Rise)

The emergence of this NC Rise program has already benefitted various players, and Vaughn is certainly included in that group. Between their structure and ability to get up and down, the athletic combo-guard has no issue asserting himself within the action. Vaughn scores the ball from all levels, attacks the basket at a nice rate, and contains his assignment well defensively. He can create or find opportunities without the ball in his hands. Though somewhat early, Vaughn should be on the radar of numerous college coaches.

6’3 ’22 Ian Blue (Sandhills Cyclones)

There are a lot of quality unsigned seniors on display, and Blue was undoubtedly the best shooter within that category. Given his size, perimeter shooting, and low-maintenance identity, one would expect him to already have opportunities at the next level. Blue is a great spot-up threat who plays within himself and doesn’t force the action. He possesses a quick, repeatable release, and applies constant pressure from beyond the arc. 

6’0 ’22 Will Rhodes (NC Spartans)

Although this entire roster is worthy of attention from college coaches, Rhodes was arguably their top performer to start the day. He’s a fairly complete guard with vision, creation skills, and the ability to fill it up from all levels. Rhodes displayed the ability to run the team while actively containing his assignment and applying scoring pressure. His lack of elite size and athleticism makes his identity and overall production even more impressive. 

6’8 ’23 Jareece Breeden (York County Legends)

The York County Legends have added a variety of pieces, and Breeden is as appealing as anyone on the roster. Given his lack of travel ball experience, his showing offered a lot of positive takeaways. Breeden possesses great physical tools and displayed constant flashes of ability on both ends of the floor. He utilizes his length well to disrupt others around the basket. 

6’6 ’26 Tre Raymond (Team Charlotte)

Despite not putting up crazy numbers, Raymond is absolutely a prospect worth noting and remembering over the foreseeable future. He’s long, wiry, and fluid with the willingness to play hard and contribute as needed. Raymond played up an age group, and the numerous flashes were enough to entice spectators. Expect to hear his name a lot going forward. 

5’10 ’24 Carson Daniel (BSA Supreme)

Though folks should already know, Daniel is such a vital part of BSA Supreme’s success and sheer consistency as a group. The better he plays, the better the team performs. Daniel really shines as a floor general on both ends of the floor. He’s a defensive menace with the blend of feel, quickness, and sheer instincts to wreak havoc on a consistent basis. Daniel touches the paint, sets up others, and scores at an efficient rate from all areas on the floor. He’s a brilliant passer who makes the right read without fail. 

5’8 ’24 Christian Anderson (Team CP3)

Despite being the newest addition to the roster, Anderson already entered the event with a pretty noteworthy reputation. Already committed to Michigan prior to his high school season, his abilities should’ve come as no surprise for any onlookers. He maximized his playing time through being patient, steady, and capitalizing whenever available. Anderson is truly among the best three-point shooters I’ve ever seen, and should easily rank amongst the top across throughout the entire nation. It’ll be exciting to see how the rest of his summer unfolds. 

6’0 ’23 Jordan Miller (Upward Stars Upstate)

Given everything we’ve previously seen, it should come as no surprise to see Miller continue to shine as a catalyst for this group. He naturally does a little bit of everything, and seems to affect all facets of the game as a direct result. Miller is smart, tough, athletic, and polished, which makes him a pretty complete guard prospect. He should definitely warrant attention from scholarship-level coaches. 

6’2 ’23 Jahreece Lynch (NC Spartans)

Although they had some early struggles as a team, Lynch did a phenomenal job of setting the tone and helping this group surge down the stretch. He’s a tough, athletic wing with a well-rounded skillset and excellent ability in the open floor. Lynch is a strong, physical defender and rebounder who can push the break in transition and make smart decisions with the ball in his hands. He consistently outworks his assignment. 

6’11 ’22 Fidel Mpanzo (Combine Brown)

Players develop and regress every day, but Mpanzo’s progression continues to justify increased attention. He’s an extremely long, wiry post prospect with amazing physical tools and the ability to impact the game without ever needing to touch the ball. Mpanzo finishes well, secures rebounds, and blocks shots at a respectable rate. From the time he arrived to now, the development has been impressive. He should appeal to scholarship-level programs.