This past weekend, Phenom Hoops returned to the Rock Hill Sports and Events Center in Rock Hill, South Carolina for another entertaining event. Although most of the attention centered around Team CP3, Team Teague, and various other noteworthy programs, there was plenty of underrated talent within the building. This article will take a closer look at some personal favorites from the three-day stretch…

6’0 ’23 Jordan Miller (Upstate Select)

Given the travel-ball landscape, it’s uncommon to find many teams like Upstate Select who embody toughness, unselfishness, and a willingness to play for one another. They’re an extremely balanced group, but Jordan Miller continually stood out as a two-way leader across the weekend. So few players can actually showcase the makings of a complete game with no glaring weaknesses, and Miller is one of them. He’s so smart, rugged, and able to do legitimately everything for this squad. Miller possesses a pretty normal build (in terms of actual size), but highlights phenomenal strength and quickness on both ends of the floor. He defended either guard position with relative ease, suffocating opposing ball-handlers, forcing turnovers, and making excellent decisions in transition. Miller is a quality athlete, crafty creator, and terrific three-level scorer with the ability to truly overwhelm his assignment in all facets of the game. He’s simply a reliable all-around floor general. College coaches should take notice (of Miller and the entire roster) and watch closely over his next two seasons at Dorman. 

6’8 ’23 Brigham Rogers (Atlanta All-Stars)

Every time the Atlanta All-Stars attend our events, we walk away impressed with their collection of talent and overall ability as a team. However, Brigham Rogers seemed to make a lasting impression with his clear next-level identity as a modern post player. At 6-foot-8 with skill, fluidity, and the ability to score with efficiency from the post or perimeter, he’s an absolute problem for opponents. Rogers is the primary offensive cog for this group, which is evidenced by their consistent post touches and desire to run sets through him. Between his IQ, footwork, toughness, and touch with either hand, Rogers can score in so many different ways around the basket. He can face-up, reliably finish over both shoulders, or pose a lethal spot-up threat from beyond the arc. Rogers is a strong two-way rebounder who alters shots at a consistent rate and runs the floor effectively in transition. It’ll be interesting to track his recruitment, as Rogers should be a hot commodity across the foreseeable future.

6’2 ’24 Bobby Hardison (Carolina Riptide)

Considering the amount of talent within Carolina Riptide’s program, it should come as no surprise to see Bobby Hardison emerging as a noteworthy prospect. After showcasing numerous flashes of pure dominance with his age group, the unassuming curly-headed guard set his sights on taking things to another level and suiting up for their oldest squad. Anyone who had previously watched Hardison would’ve already been well-aware of his knockdown shooting ability and exceptional change of pace. Folks must not have been taking note, because that’s exactly what he did. After torching opponents two age groups up, Hardison had even more buzz surrounding his name. He then returned to being an all-around leader for his original team and continued to seamlessly dictate the action. Hardison is a crafty ball-handler with excellent vision, instincts, and all-around feel for the game. He can find success with or without the ball in his hands, and genuinely stands out as someone worth monitoring over the coming years. 

6’4 ’25 Jackson Keith (Durham Hurricanes)

In all honesty, there should be no required explanation for Jackson Keith and his inclusion on this list. As an eighth-grader, Keith already possesses incredible physical attributes and a lot of two-way ability. While he is typically bigger than most everyone at this stage, Keith utilizes his skill more frequently than his size to overwhelm opponents. He’s so fluid and finishes very well around the basket, but also highlighted the makings of a reliable perimeter jumper. Keith also displays solid vision as a playmaker and looks comfortable defending multiple positions or anchoring the paint. He stood out as an all-around leader and produced extremely well for this group. Although it’s still very early, Keith looks likely to follow the likes of Carter Collins, Trey Murphy, Josh Hall, and numerous others to be the next noteworthy name to emerge from the Durham Hurricanes program. 

6’5 ’25 Sadiq White (Team Eat)

The Class of 2025 is already emerging as one of the more talented groups over the last five or so years, and Sadiq White truly has a chance to be the best of the entire class. On one hand, he’s still just scratching the surface and probably has no idea how incredible he can actually be in the long run. However, White is already so appealing, both physically and in terms of skill, and consistently shows high-level flashes on the court. He’s an extremely long 6-foot-5, yet moves as fluidly as any guard in the gym. Though taller than most at this stage, White’s versatility and well-rounded skillset should remove any doubts about his positional flexibility. He’s smart, active, and has noticeably improved as a leader over the last month. White is a matchup problem for most opponents, given his ability to utilize his length and athleticism to overwhelm guards or quickness and overall perimeter skill to toy with forwards/posts. Right now, he’s at a critical point in his development. White truly possesses all the tools to become special, so his potential is all predicated on his work ethic and desire to succeed.