By; Bronal Gary

2030 Ryne Land (Durham Hurricanes Sinclair) 

Evaluations at this age is tough, but I had to take time out to talk about what I seen from Ryne.  In each game I watched him play, he showed some impressive court awareness at his age, an ability to take and make good shots, and he stayed active on both ends of the floor.  He seems to enjoy the game and his teammates.

2028 Riley Rodriguez (CP3BA Select 7th Grade-Carter) 

Riley is a long 7th grader with fantastic shooting ability and a great motor.' He constantly moves without the ball, and can shoot it with range past the 3-point line.' He is a better catch-and-shoot player but did show some ability to put it on the floor and shoot it from mid-range.' I am looking forward to seeing how he develops as a player.

2028 Chyance King (Carolina Culture) 

Chyance was an efficient scorer.' Shot the three-point shot when he had it, got to the mid-range spots to score, and drew contact that sent him to the free-throw line.' He is also a willing defender and doesn't seem to force anything.' He plays within the flow of the game.

2028 McKennon Showers (Beyond Basketball) 

McKennon is fun to watch.  He showed the ability to finish off the dribble drive and hit shots from mid-range.  In addition, he is a capable shooter from the three-point line; takes and makes the three when it is available.  Good on and off the ball defender that stays engaged throughout the game.