A former North Carolina player announced that he would be heading down south to play at Legacy Early College, as he hopes to build upon his game. 2024 6’4 Travelle Bryson, a stock riser throughout the summer and one who has continued to develop but also grow as well, announced that he would be making the move to LEC to further develop his game. We talked to him about his thoughts on the move, as well as a little recruitment update. Check out what he had to say.

Phenom: What is your excitement about playing at LEC next year' How do you think that will help your game grow'
Bryson: Here at Legacy, we have high-level coaches that will help me with getting faster, quicker, more athletic, higher IQ, and just know the game at a higher level.' They have a great weight training program that helps their players dramatically as well, as the coaches here will be with me every day to share and show what they know about the game. I feel like that will help me a lot because they coach at the highest level of high school basketball.' We have great trainers here that are willing to just work with us on our games and get us better with on-ball parts of the game, and I can get in the gym here a lot more than back home.' I feel like there is nothing to do here but get better.' Lastly, just playing in the environment they play in is as well as the competition here, you just can't beat it.

Phenom: How has your game developed over the last year'
Bryson: It has developed a lot. I've gotten a lot stronger, which shows on the court being able to finish through contact and I've gotten a bit taller. My athleticism has gotten a lot better using it to get rebounds, blocks, and dunks.' Working with my trainer, he has helped me get better putting me through on and off-the-ball situations. That has helped me develop being at the right spots and making the right reads. I think I pretty much have the whole package I would say.

Phenom: How has recruitment been going' What has been the latest'
Bryson: I hold offers from Chicago State and Elizabeth City State. (I've also been hearing from) UTEP, Buffalo, James Madison, Mercer, Youngstown State, Appalachian State, and others.

Phenom: Who would you say have been strong with you, whether they have offered or not'
Bryson: Elizabeth City State, Chicago State, UTEP, and Appalachian State.

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