Player: Richard Goods
School: Grimsley
Class: 2024

The high school season has started but will be going just as quickly, which means that there are plenty of unsigned seniors that remain open and should garner attention. One of the best-unsigned seniors and forwards in the state is 2024 Richard Goods for Grimsley, and he reminded everyone of that at the Phenom Tourney Town Showcase.

Goods continues to be a consistent force for his team down in the paint, and he has shown that time after time over the years. No matter the platform or team, he brings a physical presence that cant be denied. He is at his best when he is using his strength and physicality around the basket, finishing through contact and at the rim, and just being that constant presence on the boards. Goods showed that at Ben L. Smith this past weekend when he posted 18 points and 15 rebounds.

The senior big can not only be a strong presence offensively, but he also shows that he has great timing on blocks and understands how to use his body well to battle against opponents both offensively and defensively. He continues to add and develop more of his ability to step out at times to be a threat, but he thrives battling in the trenches down low. This is why he is one that simply needs more attention and he showed that this past weekend.