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Dawkins’ Day One Standouts: Phenom MDC

By; DeAjai Dawkins 6’3 2022 Sean Sucarichi (Rock United 17U) Sean assumed a primary play-making role for this team from the wing. He also served as their most reliable rebounder. He seems to be tracking toward a potentially elite-level of play. I personally believe Sean is another example of a player that could benefit heavily from greater assertion on the offensive end, he has the talent for...

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South Carolina Top 80: Evaluation Team 11

South Carolina Top 80 Evaluations   Team 11 Coach: Latrose Brace   #13: 5’10 ’23 Chrisean Oree (West Columbia, SC) Starting things off, we look at a player that has already showcased an abundance of translatable skills at quite a young age, Chrisean Oree. He’s a combo-guard with quickness and a terrific feel for the game. Offensively, Oree is an effective scorer at all three levels,...

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NC Junior Phenom Camp: Kevin Dawkins afternoon standouts

#75- Woodrow Jackson 2023- Long limb defender who caused numerous deflections that turned into easy points for him or teammates in transition. The 5’10 guard was able to get rebounds and start the break and once he had a full head of steam he was hard to stop. Once his jumper gets more consistent teams won’t be able to sag off him but right now his two-way potential is scary.   #69- Tucker...

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NC Jr. Phenom 150; Games 4 & 5

Game 3, Court 1: No. 44, 5’5” 2023 Casian Richard – Walkertown Middle School (Winston Salem, NC) Richard has a string on the ball, allowing him to get to wherever he wants on the floor. His most impressive skill, however, is his vision. He consistently finds teammates under the rim for finishes. His full-court passes appeared reminiscent of Lonzo Ball in a way. If he adds in a reliable jump shot...

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South Carolina Jr. Phenom: Team 1 Evaluations

South Carolina Jr. Phenom Evaluations   Team 1 Coach: Mike Rollins   #1: 4’10 ’26 Mario James (Columbia, SC) Starting things off, we look at the youngest player in attendance at our first South Carolina Jr. Phenom Camp, Mario James. He’s a solid player for his age with nice ball-handling and penetration abilities. Though James was younger than everyone else, he showed grit and...

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