#75- Woodrow Jackson 2023– Long limb defender who caused numerous deflections that turned into easy points for him or teammates in transition. The 5’10 guard was able to get rebounds and start the break and once he had a full head of steam he was hard to stop. Once his jumper gets more consistent teams won’t be able to sag off him but right now his two-way potential is scary.


#69- Tucker Mayo 2023- This morning in my notes I had him down as shooter this afternoon he brought something different to the table. He still knocked down shots behind the 3-point line, but he was able to get to the basket while also making plays for his teammates. Even though he is a good spot up shooter at the point guard spot he made excellent reads coming off screens for either a pull up or a drop off to an open teammate.


#74 Nathan Baldovino 2023- Nathan One of the better two-way prospect in attendance. With his size at 5’10 he was able to shoot over smaller defenders for multiple 3s or take to them basket either finishing at the rim or kickouts to open shooters in the corner.


#12 Marri Larry 2025- 5’0 point guard in a 5-minute span got a steal layup and then 4 possessions on in a row he got 4 assist. This young man is waterbug quick which also helped him on defense. He is a player any coach would love to have plays hard the whole game and was and was mention in conversation about getting a vote for the Mr. Hustle award.


#70 Aidan Filippini 2023- Aidan played at his own pace was never rushed very composed player. He shoots the ball well from deep. Nothing flashy about his game very skilled with limited turnovers.


#72 Chrisean Oree 2023- 5’10 guard skill set was one of the better ones I saw today and was in the running for MVP of the camp. He is wiry kid who can play either guard position and excel at both. He is a pick your poison type player play him to close next time you see him it will be at the rim if you play off him he shooting a 3.