Game 3, Court 1:

No. 44, 5’5” 2023 Casian Richard – Walkertown Middle School (Winston Salem, NC)

Richard has a string on the ball, allowing him to get to wherever he wants on the floor. His most impressive skill, however, is his vision. He consistently finds teammates under the rim for finishes. His full-court passes appeared reminiscent of Lonzo Ball in a way. If he adds in a reliable jump shot to his arsenal, he’ll become a much bigger scoring threat.

No. 72, 5’10” 2023 Chrisean Oree – W. G. Sanders Middle School (West Columbia, SC)

One of the more impressive two-way players in the gym, the West Columbia guard showed a little bit of everything during Game 3. Offensively, he can both create his own shot and take it all the way to the rim. His passing ability also proved advanced. Defensively, he blocked several perimeter shots and picked off quite a few passes.

No. 82, 6’0 2024 Jonathan Williams – Luther Nick Jeralds Middle School (Fayetteville, NC)

Only a seventh-grader, Williams has an impressive look at six feet tall with long arms and strong calves. He used his athleticism well at grabbing the ball and attacking the rim fearlessly. Simply put, Williams excels as a one-man fast break. His ability to draw defenders and kick out to open teammates stood out the most.


Game 4, Court 1:

No. 15, 5’0”2026 Lj Smith – Battleground Elementary (Lincolnton, NC)

Smith showed the most potential as a fifth-grader. He already possesses a wide range of skills, knows how to play at his own speed, and has a nose for the ball. His basketball body looks pretty impressive, with long arms and legs. I can see him making some serious noise in the future as long as he continues to put the work in. The IQ and natural feel for the game is already there.

No. 32, 5’4” 2023 Bryce Jackson – Clemmons Middle School (Winston-Salem, NC)

The talented eighth-grader already has an efficient three-level offensive game, making him a constant threat. The opposing team always made sure to know where Jackson was on the floor. Still, they could not find an answer for him. On the defensive side, he plays an aggressive style and will not hesitate to take the ball if one exposes it.

No. 35, 5’4” 2023 Jayden Harper – Carolina Day School (Asheville, NC)

The long guard did best at shooting the long ball and using nice hesitation moves to finish at the rim with both hands. Harper is another one who can make the game look easy in never letting anyone speed him up. His focus on defense and handle will need to improve. When it does, he will play as a very valuable piece to a team.