By; DeAjai Dawkins

6’3 2022 Sean Sucarichi (Rock United 17U)

Sean assumed a primary play-making role for this team from the wing. He also served as their most reliable rebounder. He seems to be tracking toward a potentially elite-level of play. I personally believe Sean is another example of a player that could benefit heavily from greater assertion on the offensive end, he has the talent for it. 

6’3 2023 Jordis Broadnax (Charlotte Dragons BOWSER) 

Jordis boasts impressive length at the wing/off-guard spot and has a body that looks to be very capable of further adding on muscle. He displayed a comfort from behind the arc that I only imagine will blossom in his last two years of high school. With his size and budding offensive tools, I believe Broadnax’s future is bright. 

6’4 2023 William Bergen (Charlotte Dragons BOWSER) 

William showed noteworthy confidence from behind the arc this evening. His catch and shoot instincts are obvious in his stance before receiving the pass, and he rarely hesitated to get a good look from 3. I’ll be closely examining how he chooses to assert himself this weekend on a team that may see much success. 

6’3 2022 Antoine Piper (Anthony Morrow Elite 17U) 

Antonine plays with exceptional power and athleticism from the wing. His maturity on the court is evident in his facial expressions alongside his play style. He’s capable of defending at a high level due to his frame, and has improved tremendously as a scorer. I’m expecting an impressive senior campaign from Piper. 

6’4 2022 Jeremy Dixon (Team Eat 2022) 

Jeremy was another one of the most talented players I watched this evening. Dixon is proving himself to be a tough shot maker, especially from the mid-range. Shoots with confidence from all 3 levels and seems to be getting stronger. This season at Kingston, the keys seem to be Dixon’s as he looks to prove to college coaches that he is capable of serving as an asset on a multitude of rosters. 

6’3 2022 Will Kelly (Rod Howard Select 17U)

Will Kelly has been a winner for some time now, and those qualities seemed to shine as bright as ever tonight. His facilitative instincts were showing, and he was the most verbally engaged on the floor. Scoring from all 3-levels as usual, I personally am all the way in on Will Kelly as a Division One caliber player 

6’3 2024 Jermaurhiyan Anderson (Upward Stars 3SSB 15U) 

Jermaurhiyan or “Jay Hood”, was one of the more talented players I got to watch tonight. Very promising size and athleticism as an off-guard. Anderson showed an ability to hit the open three and is pulling up off the dribble from mid-range. He was such a focal point of both offense and defense for his talented Upward Stars team, I find it hard to imagine scenario where he doesn’t develop into a hot commodity for college coaches. 

6’3 2022 Julian Kiett (PCH Nightrydas 17U) 

Julian is a gifted athlete that’s shown skill in his ability to hit contested shots, especially in the mid-range. He plays hard on both ends and has a body nearly ready for college as we speak. Julian will continue to pick up efficiency in his scoring efforts, and this is when I expect the recruitment to pick up. 

6’1 2023 Chrisean Oree (PCH Nightrydas 17U)

Chrisean has noticeable confidence at the lead guard spot playing up a year in age. He’s shown an ability to hit tough shots through contact and keeps composure at the rim. Once his lateral quickness picks up he could become lethal. With two years left in his high school career, he could be a late bloomer that catches the attention of numerous coaches.

6’1 2022 Khalil Marshall (Team EAT 2022) 

Khalil is one of the most comfortable ball-handlers in the state. He’s difficult to stay in front of and continues to improve his scoring capabilities off the dribble. He’s so capable off the dribble, I’d love to see even more assertion from Marshall as his ability to create offensively has very few limitations at the high school level.