What Lake Norman can bring and the fans showing up

Heading back up to Lake Norman, we can’t wait to see what these fans will be able to bring in what should be two excellent days. Both on the girls’ and boys’ side, we are hoping that the fan base of Lake Norman can show up and make this an event to remember over the holidays.  Both teams have tough matchups, and they will need it all as both teams are looking to make a run at a state title this year.

Central Cabarrus kicks off the season

Regarded as one of the top teams in the state, and maybe THE top team in the state, Central Cabarrus is starting the season, and they are going up against a tough Carmel Christian program.  Though this team may have a few different names from last year, this is still a very dangerous and fun team to watch, as they are relentless on both ends.  Going undefeated last year, they would love nothing more than to continue that trend early on this season in what should be a great matchup.

New Teams in Action this season with Phenom Hoops

This is an event that will allow us at Phenom Hoops to get a chance to watch several new teams in action and see what talent they may bring as well as learn new names.  Though some players will be familiar, schools like NW Cabarrus, Lincoln Charter, Chapel Hill, Hopewell, Rocky River, and Hough will all be in action this weekend as we get to see what they have to offer this season.  Could there be a surprise team to come out of the group? We shall see.

Rising Stars here in North Carolina Back on the Big Stage

There are plenty of rising stars to watch out for at this event.  2024 Kameron Taylor has been exploding onto the scene this year, along with his teammate 2025 Bryce Slay. 2025 Tre McKinnon looks like he has hit another level in his game, 2026 William Stevens looks like a name you will want to learn quickly, 2026 Cameron Newman brings poise to the court for Gaston Christian, and 2025 Jaylen Cross is a nationally recognizable name that looks to solidify that in front of the home crowd.

Hopewell Guards looking to make a splash

Hopewell is a very interesting team to watch out for, especially with the guard play they bring in this year. They will have a tough game against Gaston Christian on Day 1, but 2024 Quay Watson, 2024 Jullian Mack, and 2025 Mike Brown may be one of the best trios in the area that don’t get talked about.  Well, that could end with a strong showing at the Phenom Lakesgiving.