6'7 Josh Randolph (The Burlington School)

Given the consistent value of shooting, someone like Josh Randolph should be a bigger priority for college coaches. He likely would've already collected scholarships and captured the attention of next-level programs, but lost the majority of his summer season due to injury. That being said, Randolph is a long, wiry wing prospect with a great blend of feel, athleticism, and perimeter shooting. He moves very well without the ball, attacks closeouts effectively, and utilizes his length to disrupt opponents defensively. More programs should be involved with Randolph.

6'7 Logan Ware (Panther Creek)

There are a lot of intriguing prospects who are still developing at a steady pace and could easily outperform their current recruitment, which is certainly applicable to someone like Logan Ware. He's a long, wiry, forward/post prospect with a nice blend of touch, fluidity, and blossoming skill. Ware consistently impacts the game on both ends of the floor but naturally finds opportunities within the flow of the action and doesn't require a ton of touches to make an impact. He's comfortable finishing, spacing the floor, and making passes to others. Ware is a useful rebounder and interior defender. Expect him to attract various programs during the upcoming high school season.

6'8 Ahmed Jawo (Caldwell Academy)

Given the Eagles' structure, Ahmed Jawo should be a major difference-maker for Caldwell Academy this season. He's a long, mobile big man who possesses terrific interior instincts as a defender and two-way rebounder. Jawo is still developing his offensive feel and polish, but finds plenty of scoring opportunities through lobs and second-chance rebounds. He runs the floor hard in transition, willingly does the dirty work, and plays with a consistently high motor at all times. Jawo's ability to protect the rim should entice a ton of college programs over these next few months.