Last Thursday, the annual NBA trade deadline concluded. Throughout the weeks prior, many fans anticipated a highly entertaining day with several potential blockbuster deals. While no superstars were ultimately dealt, notable players like Pascal Siakam, OG Anunoby, and Terry Rozier got moved earlier last month. Each of those specific deals have massive implications on the league, but we’ll specifically a closer look at finalized trades from last week. (Read part one and part two)

Thunder receive: Gordon Hayward

Hornets receive: Vasilije Micic, Tre Mann, Davis Bertans, 2024 second-round pick (via Houston), 2025 second-round pick (via Philadelphia)

There was a massive desire for Oklahoma City to finally tap into their war chest of assets and consolidate their excess of pieces for something more immediately impactful—especially after becoming legitimate contenders. Although acquiring a 33-year-old Hayward isn’t the sexiest move, it does make this team better. Beyond his well-rounded skillset, the veteran wing/forward will bring a steady level of low-maintenance production to this group. Hayward is a perfect complement to the Thunder’s current structure, as he provides a highly adaptable identity (with no ego, baggage, etc.) and doesn’t take away from their young, blossoming stars. They should a terrific match. On the other side, Charlotte actually made a decent move. It’s unclear if Mann or Micic will be long-term pieces, but acquiring draft capital for someone who doesn’t fit with their current timeline should be considered a positive.

76ers receive: Buddy Hield

Pacers receive: Furkan Korkmaz, Doug McDermott, 2024 second-round pick (via Toronto), 2029 second-round pick (via Portland)

Spurs receive: Marcus Morris, 2029 second-round pick (via Clippers)

Despite Joel Embiid getting knee surgery, Daryl Morey has taken the necessary steps to get their “third guy” in Hield. On one hand, Hield wasn’t having his best season in Indiana. Between the dip in minutes, shot attempts, and general production across the board, it wasn’t necessary a byproduct of his actual play. Regardless, Philadelphia acquires him without being forced to give up anything of real value. Korkmaz has played less than 5500 minutes in his seven seasons with the team (six players from the 2021 NBA Draft have already passed this mark), Morris (while slightly more useful) is a depreciating asset, and the second-round picks likely aren’t helping them during Embiid’s prime years. Now with a clearly defined top four in Embiid, Maxey, Harris, and Hield, this group will be exceptional once their star returns.

Mavs receive: PJ Washington, 2024 second-round pick, 2028 second-round pick

Hornets receive: Grant Williams, Seth Curry, and 2027 first-round pick

In their second deal of the day, Dallas continues to strike gold on the trade market. It clearly wasn’t working out with Williams and Curry simply isn’t as valuable as his former self. Instead of biting the bullet and being forced to take a massive loss on a fresh signing, they net a terrific piece in Washington. Not only is he a perfect complement to their Luka-centric structure, but he’s already proven to be more impactful than both departing assets combined. They sent out a 2027 first-round pick (which could be dastardly if Doncic leaves) but it was somewhat necessary to solidify their desire to contend. Getting back a pair of second-round picks still allows Dallas some flexibility to make more moves and potentially attach them to other pieces in the offseason.