Last Thursday, the annual NBA trade deadline concluded. Throughout the weeks prior, many fans anticipated a highly entertaining day with several potential blockbuster deals. While no superstars were ultimately dealt, notable players like Pascal Siakam, OG Anunoby, and Terry Rozier got moved earlier last month. Each of those specific deals have massive implications on the league, but we’ll specifically a closer look at some of the more significant finalized trades from last week.

Celtics receive: Xavier Tillman

Grizzlies receive: Lamar Stevens, 2027 second-round pick (via Hawks), 2030 second-round pick (via Mavs)

It’s clear that Boston needed to acquire frontcourt depth to this win-now group, and Tillman should be an excellent addition. Prior to the deal, the Celtics banked heavily on Kristaps Porzingis, Al Horford, and Luke Kornet to absolve most of the big man minutes. Now, Tillman provides them with a new wrinkle as someone who can play alongside any of those three. His defensive presence will immediately make him an asset—especially baring an injury to Horford or Porzingis. Tillman’s counting stats won’t stand out, but he’s a known professional who legitimately impacts winning at a high level. The fact Boston only had to give up Stevens (122 total minutes played this season) and a pair of second-round picks makes this a terrific deal. Plus, they essentially replaced Stevens with someone much younger and far better defensively in Jaden Springer (presumably as an alternate to Payton Pritchard) by sending a second-rounder to Philadelphia. There’s seemingly no downside for Boston here, particularly as a contending team that only needed another piece or two for depth.

Raptors receive: Kelly Olynyk, Ochai Agbaji

Jazz receive: Otto Porter Jr, Kira Lewis Jr, 2024 first-round pick

If anyone figures out what Toronto is doing, feel free to tell the masses. They should feel no attachment to Porter or Lewis, but trading a first-rounder for Olynyk and Agbaji is a tad surprising for a rebuilding Raptors team. Despite that fact, the front office is a little hesitant to have potentially three more rookies on the roster next season. Putting a positive spin on this deal: Agbaji (23) is a nice young player who has shown a lot of positive flashes and the 2024 NBA Draft is expected to be one of the worst talent pools over the last few decades. On the other side, the Jazz collect another asset, young player (Lewis), and expiring contract (Porter) as they move deeper into no-man’s land. Falling between contending and tanking is never the ideal place to reside, but this deal alleviates the need to win and allows their young guys to properly develop. It’s not a clear win for either side, but there’s obvious intrigue from both perspectives.

Timberwolves receive: Monte Morris

Pistons receive: Troy Brown Jr, Shake Milton, 2030 second-round pick

Quietly one of the better deals from Thursday, Minnesota rescues Morris from the cesspool better known as the Detroit Pistons organization. They traded Milton, Brown, and a distant second-rounder for someone who can help right away. After five incredibly consistent seasons of production, Morris watched Monty Williams (the highest-paid NBA coach in history) cut his minutes in half and basically forget he was even on the roster. While it might seem like a lot of appreciation for the guard, it’s more a reflection of his fit and value to the Timberwolves—who have clearly shifted into a contending situation this season. While he has remained highly dependable, Mike Conley is not getting any younger. Morris likely won’t ever be as reliable as Conley defensively (who still makes an impact despite losing a step), but he should provide a meaningful offensive burst to this group.