With the Summer Havoc Showcase in the rearview we switch gears and look to find some new names. 116 teams filled the courts in Spartanburg on a quest to gain some name notoriety amongst scouts and college coaches for their respective prospects. Here are some players that stood out among the rest in Day 1 of the Summer Havoc Live!

PSB 8th Gold 5'9 PG Jordan Marsh

Marsh come equipped with the skills a PG needs to thrive. Quickness, aggressiveness, and the will to get after it every play. Rather it was making plays or creating them he was always a vocal point of the offense.

SC Playmakers 2019 6' Chris Chumney

Tough guard who has a strong understanding of the PG position. Chumney made plenty of shots to go along with the plays he made for others. His ability to penetrate is excellent for his size.

SC Playmakers 2019 6’1 Dorian Williams

Williams was in attack mode from start to finish. Attacking the basket with full force was his calling card today. Williams is a crafty finisher at the rim and absorbs contact well. With his ankle snatching handle he caused problems for defenders all day.

Atlanta Timberwolves 2019 6'7 Austin Sloan

The length is the first thing that sticks out when watching Sloan. After that comes the skill set that is really high. He's pretty fast with and with out the ball. His high motor and aggressiveness makes one want to watch. What impressed me the most was his ability to put the ball on the floor and knock down 3s at a high rate.

Garner Road West Virginia Unsigned Senior 6’4 Mikal Dawson

Dawson was aggressive from start to finish. He used his speed and strength to punish the smaller opposing guards. He has a nice handle and can finish at the rim with ease. He was also able to knock down the jumper consistently. LM D1-D2s need to look closely here.

Mooresville Magic 2019 6'1 Devin Elliot

Elliot was one of the quickest and strongest guards I've seen all week. He brings intensity every play that he's on the floor. He has a thing for scoring on people And then locking them up on the other end of the court. If you're looking for toughness Elliot packs plenty of that.

Mooresville Magic 2019 6'3 D'Angelo Elliot

A bigger version of twin Devin Elliot, D'Angelo has the same mentality with added height. With a strong build he is able to defend and dish out punish on the offensive end or defensive end. Knocking down 3s is what he did often. Be sure to catch these guys over the next 2 days.

Team Denver 2019 6'7 Nalik Veasley

Nalik had a great set of games today. He had the size and speed to be a really good versatile player. He has good skill around the basket and can rebound with the best of them. He's a very sneaky athletic type of player. If he can develop his handles and other offensive skill sets he can be a really good D1 prospect

Team Denver 2019 6'9 Jehlon Johnson

Jehlon is such a skilled big man. Very soft touch around the basket. He dominated most of the games I had a chance to see him in. He uses his body really well. Strong box outs allow him to grab boards with ease. Johnson does all the small things well which can go unnoticed on a team that's so talented. D1s need to watch closely this weekend.

Team ENC 910 2019 PG 6' Reginald Walton

Walton is a player that I love watching. A vocal floor general who can get his teammates to where they need to be. His strong handle and pace give him the upper hand on opponents. He has added a smooth mid range pull up which will work wonders for his game. Walton is a high IQ PG that is worth the time to view this weekend

Upward Stars Columbia 2019 6'3 Latrel Johnson

Johnson was one that stuck out over the course of the last few days. His ability to make plays out of nothing is special. He has a nice jumper with a high release point. His handle allows him to create that shot that always seems to find a way in the net. He plays within himself never over doing things. He is also a great on ball defender with length.