Sometimes change is necessary. There are so many people who uncover success in unexpected moments or circumstances. Whether practicing bad habits, not being held accountable, or simply failing to harness ability, this is fairly common in athletics at the high school level. After some ups and downs throughout his career, it feels like Richard Goods’ transition to Grimsley has already started paying dividends. Not only is he quietly among the most productive players in the state, but he’s also shown clear growth as a leader in several different areas. Let’s see how his game has evolved

It’s worth clarifying that Goods has been a talented individual since stepping onto the high school scene. He played for knowledgeable coaches and found success as a feature piece. However, it’s clear that Goods has taken a huge leap forward with the Whirlies. Right now, he’s averaging 21.5 PPG, 13.7 RPG, 1.2 SPG, and 2.6 BPG with 60/30/65 splits. Goods has amassed double-digit points and rebounds in 11 out of 12 showings. His combined 45 blocks and steals (3.8 per game) is a pretty ridiculous number at any level. The rebounding totals are impressive, but don’t even properly encompass how dominant he’s been on the offensive glass (6.4 per game). Furthermore, it appears as if Goods is taking less jumpers (10 3PA) and placing more emphasis on imposing his will around the basket.

The big man is currently ranked fourth in rebounds and seventh in double-doubles across the entire state (per MaxPreps). Given the success individually and as a team, Grimsley is quietly shaping up to be a challenging matchup for opponents throughout conference play and into the playoffs. Additionally, Goods received his most recent offer nearly ten months ago, so college coaches would be wise to try and get involved sooner than later.