2031 Kaleb Harris (Team Loaded):

Even though the last name may be common, Harris should be a familiar name around North Carolina as Kaleb is the younger brother of Jayden “Juke” Harris, who is headed to Wake Forest.  So, of course, we had to watch the next generation of young talent on the court, and he didn’t disappoint. Watching him in action, he plays with a ton of confidence and isn’t shy in letting it fly, as he hit three after three after three when we sat baseline.  He already has good range at his age and size, along with confidence but he also was able to make strong plays off the dribble and be a playmaker.  It is still so early, but Kaleb certainly has the tools and a role model for his game, so we are eager to see how he develops down the road.

2031 Nick Carroll (CC Elite):

The last name should be a familiar one, as Carroll is the son of Matt Carroll (Notre Dame/ Charlotte Bobcats player) and the younger brother of 2027 Matty Carroll at Charlotte Christian. And his game certainly follows in the family, as he can light it up and shows tremendous range. He is excellent in moving without the ball early on and getting to his spots, just so he can knock it down from deep. He has those smooth mechanics and a quick release early on, and he doesn’t lack confidence in his shot but why should he? This is a young man that should only continue to grow and develop, but we think will be a name you hear a lot more in the coming years.

2031 Zai Ogirri (Team Hustle):

This Team Hustle fits their name and played extremely well all throughout the event, and Ogirri was one that really showcased his confidence and shot-making ability from behind the arc. Time after time, the coaching staff looked to set him up and create open shots for him, and he made them pay time after time from behind the arc. Outside his range, he also possesses a strong blend of IQ, playmaking ability, and hustle, whether it is shooting or making plays off the dribble.  No doubt about it, Ogirri left a lasting impression with his play at the event.