AZ Compass: 15 23 17 23: 78
Skyline Prep: 3 12 13 6: 34

AZ: Del Jones 18pts/ Sammie Yeanay 14pts/ Jeremiah Fears 10pts/ Imahri Wooten 11pts/ Cam Miles 10pts
Skyline: JJ Funk 7pts/ Remi Ajayii 7pts


AZ Compass:

2024 Del Jones (Committed to Clemson): Jones was terrific in this game, as I was highly impressed with what he showed throughout the game. Whether it was his presence offensively or defensively, Jones was simply everywhere. The senior guard was excellent with the ball in his hands, creating off the dribble, getting inside the defense, finishing strong or finding his teammates, as well as getting to his spots. He also was excellent on the defensive end, creating turnovers and turning it into offense.

2024 Sammie Yeanay: It had been some time watching the big man in action, but he performed well throughout the game. He was active, strong motor, was physical down in the paint and on the boards, and showed a natural, strong feel with his scoring ability down in the paint. He just seemed to make an impact in a variety of ways on both sides, and also showed his ability to step out.

2025 Cam Miles: A new player on the team, Miles will certainly be one who can help this team in a big way. He started out strong with his shooting from behind the arc, with a quick release, and with a ton of confidence. But he also settled down to create and attack and get out in transition as well. Miles will be able to fit in right away with this team, and more coaches should be looking his way.

2026 Imahri Wooten: The youngest player on the team, Wooten is a very intriguing prospect who looks to have a bright future and should have more programs coming his way. He has great size for his position, he played hard and made a variety of plays, shot the ball well from the perimeter, and can bring instant offense. The 65 combo guard has a lot to offer.

Skyline Prep:

2024 JJ Funk: The 67 forward showed flashes throughout the game, whether it was being a strong presence down in the paint, finishing with touch over defenders, battling against bigs on either side and also moving well without the ball to set up opportunities.

2025 Remi Ajayii: The 67 junior prospect showed flashes of his game, especially in the second half. What I liked about his game is not only his positional size, but also his ability to create, score over defenders, and knock down shots. He showed flashes of his game in this matchup.