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Elevating their Game: 2025 NC Stockrisers

The Class of 2025 here in North Carolina is certainly interesting and is developing quite nicely, but there are a few guys that have stuck out in my head so far this season with their play. They have elevated their play and, in my eyes, have seen their stock rise since the start of the season. Again, this is purely in the eyes of the writer and has nothing to do with rankings. But here are a few...

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North Carolina Top 80 Evaluations: Team 3

Team 3 Coach: CB McGrath Game FIlm: Team 3 vs Team 4Team 1 vs Team 3Team 2 vs Team 3NC Top 80 Semi-Final (2v3 vs 6/8) #1: 5'9 '25 Darnarian Gibson (Winston-Salem Christian) Starting things off, we look at a player who consistently produced despite being the smallest camper in attendance, Darnarian Gibson. He's a smart, skilled lead guard prospect with an understanding of how to get others...

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POB's Eye Catchers from NC Top 80: Forwards/Centers (Class of 2025)

2025 Zymicah Wilkins (Christ School): Wilkins was one, if not the, best big at the camp and when you watch him, it is easy to see that he why and that he should be highly coveted by so many schools. The 6'8 forward brings such a tremendous feel and skill set to the table; whether it is his ability to bully and be demanding down in the paint, pull down rebounds consistently, or showcase how...

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Phenom Exposure Camp Evaluations: Team 9

Team 9 Coach: Tim Respass #40: 5'7 '26 Ian Ramirez (East Mecklenburg) Starting things off, we look at a player who made a solid impact despite being the smallest camper on this team, Ian Ramirez. He's a smart, unselfish, high-motor guard prospect with a nice penetration sense and the ability to create for himself and others. Ramirez handles the ball effectively, sets up others, and scores from...

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Put on your radar from Phenom Exposure (Varsity Division)

2025 Abdulai Kabba Fanta (Victory Christian): Fanta has been a name growing more and more this summer with his play, as the 6'11 big man has continued his development and understanding of the game.  Fanta's size immediately catches your eye, but we have noticed his development over the last year both offensively and defensively. He has added more, been more assertive around the basket, and...

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