The Class of 2025 here in North Carolina is certainly interesting and is developing quite nicely, but there are a few guys that have stuck out in my head so far this season with their play. They have elevated their play and, in my eyes, have seen their stock rise since the start of the season. Again, this is purely in the eyes of the writer and has nothing to do with rankings. But here are a few names off the top of my head…

2025 Isaiah Denis (Davidson Day):

Denis has shown a lot about his game, as the lengthy athletic prospect has elevated his play, is playing with a ton of confidence, and is really showing to be a three-level scorer at Davidson Day.  He continues to help lead the charge for this team.

2025 Tre McKinnon (Lake Norman):

McKinnon always had the talent, but it just seems to be coming all together and you can see the total package. Long, bouncy, explosive, two-way presence, and be a perimeter threat as well.  He brings a well-rounded game that we have been hoping to see.

2025 Zacch Wiggins (Wesleyan Christian):

Wiggins has stepped up as a clear leader for his team, being an effective offensive weapon, making plays offensively inside and out, showing his versatility, and really elevating as a go-to guy for his team.  We recently wrote about his game more in what we have seen here: (Click Here)

2025 Will James (Holly Springs):

He is only continuing to show what we saw this summer and has elevated his game to another level at Holly Springs, averaging nearly 24ppg, 6.3pg, and 3.5apg. James has taken it upon himself in being the go-to guy, a No. 1 scoring option, and simply one that could be a great steal as he continues to add more.

2025 Johnniyus Sharpe (Reidsville):

It was going to be interesting to see what Sharpe could do for a loaded team like Reidsville, but he has only made this team even stronger. Averaging around 17ppg, scoring and rebounding well, and being a playmaker and unselfish player for his team, Sharpe has fit in quite nicely and his stock is rising.

2025 Kabba Fanta (1of1):

Watching Fanta at VCCS before, this is a big man who should garner more attention. His impact on the defensive end can’t be denied, altering and controlling the paint while also getting stronger and developing a better feel offensively.

2025 Addison Newkirk (Greensboro Day):

Newkirk had a lot on his shoulders coming in, but he has responded really well this season. He has been more assertive, showing his IQ, his skillset, and his ability to make plays from a variety of levels. We were interested in seeing how he would respond with more on his plate, and he has done so nicely.

2025 Arael Jones (Northside Christian):

Every event we have been at, Jones has been a standout in our eyes. The true x-factor on the team, Jones can be used in so many ways on the court; plays with a great motor on both ends, creates for himself, battles in all areas of the court, and has elevated his offensive scoring capabilities.

2025 KJ Younger (Weddington):

Younger has a case as being one of the biggest stockrisers in the class, as many hadn’t heard his name (outside of Phenom who has written about him countless times before) but he is nearly a double-double machine that brings a physical game, finishes through contact, and has been impressive with his impact.

2025 Kenny Vera (Northwood Temple):

Vera has been doing it all and doing it impressively. This is a guard who plays physical and has that “never give up” attitude on the court, as he embraces being the go-to offensive option. He can score through contact, knock down shots, and make plays for others, while also filling up the stat sheet in other ways.

2025 JD Bowden (United Faith):

A point guard who has only continued to get better over the years, Bowden brings an impressive balance of point guard playmaking ability, scoring impact, athleticism, and vision to the court that can’t be denied. If you have been watching him, it is clear that his game has elevated to the next level.