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Fun to Watch on the Court: The Dobie Brothers

You may have not heard or seen Isaac and Mason Dobie from First Flight high school yet but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t start learning about this duo down in the Outer Banks.  You certainly will have to hit the road and maybe take a little vacation down at the beach to catch them in action, but when you watch them, it certainly is fun to watch. 2023 Isaac Dobie is leading the charge,...

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Phenom All-American Camp Session II Evaluations: Team 4

Team 4 Coach: Greg Harmon #4: 5’5 ’25 Dean Ruthstrom (Lake Norman Charter) Starting things off, we look at a player that found various opportunities despite being the smallest camper on this team, Dean Ruthstrom. He’s a young, wiry guard prospect with a solid spot-up presence and a willingness to play hard on both ends of the floor. Ruthstrom passes the ball well, makes unselfish decisions,...

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Player Standouts at Phenom All-American Camp Session II

#126- Neeko Taylor- It’s easy to appreciate Taylor’s identity and overall approach to the game, as he will always be able to carve out a role with any collection of teammates. He’s a knockdown three-point shooter with IQ, playmaking ability, and nice defensive instincts. Taylor makes a quality impact with or without the ball in his hands.  #181- Camden Jernigan- There were a ton of standouts in...

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Jr. Phenom 150 Camp Evaluations: Team 6

Team 6 Coach: Josh Staley  #0: 5’0 ’28 Jason Staley (Blythewood) Starting things off, we look at a player that is truly just beginning to scratch the surface of his long-term upside, Jason Staley. He’s a smart, young guard prospect with great vision and the ability to knock down perimeter jumpers at a consistent rate. Staley displays a high motor as a defender and was able to harass...

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North Carolina Phenom 150 Camp Session II Evaluations: Team 1

Team 1 Coach: Daymond Lindell  #3: 5’4 ’25 Mason Dobie (Southern Shores) Starting things off, we look at a player that made an excellent impact despite being the youngest prospect on this team, Mason Dobie. He’s a young, smart, high-motor guard that plays bigger than his size, defends with purpose, and knocks down jumpers at a pretty consistent rate. Dobie made unselfish decisions and...

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