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COACH’S CORNER: Greenfield’s Rob Salter Speaks on Winning Tradition + Favorite Coby White Moments!

Greenfield head coach Rob Salter has racked up state championships, regular-season championships, a ton of wins, and has produced high-level talent over the years, so it was only right for Phenom Hoops and Rick Lewis to learn more about him. We discuss it all including when he decided to become a basketball coach, how he has able to continue his winning tradition, his memories of coaching Coby White, and how he would like to be remembered as a coach. A must-listen for everyone.

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Battle at the Rock “Thoughts, Takeaways and Stock Risers.”

Battle at the Rock “Thoughts, Takeaways and Stock Risers” Be sure to check out Coach Rick’s Top 15 Performers at The Battle at the Rock https://phenomhoopreport.com/battle-at-the-rock-coach-ricks-top-15-performers/ The Second Annual Battle of the Rock was yet again another high profile, high level, action packed event. Some of the top teams and players were in attendance and special thanks...

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