Per: Kevin Moses

Alexa Crosby
Twitter: @AlexaCrosby29
Height: 5’6
Location: EO Coffman, TN

Crosby is a dynamic young athlete whose stock continues to rise. Alexa is the perfect point guard who understands how to effectively facilitate and fuel the offense. With an incredible IQ and court vision, she creates great opportunities for her teammates. Always head up and eyes on the lookout for winning passes. Alexa is quite capable of knocking down shots in her own but her main focus is the team first and then if she sees the best opportunity is her taking a good shot, with no fear of knocking that thing down. Alexa is already a great floor general who understands how she must be an effective communicator and micro-manage the offense with effective ball movement and pinpoint passing. Not to mention she can be trusted to bring that defense as well. Alexa’s overall skill set is way beyond her age and improving every day.

Playing for the All-Southern Starz in the AAU session on the Nike EYBL circuit, Alexa is no stranger to tough competition and knows how to win even on the biggest stages. Alexa’s favorite highlight is the comeback story of the year. Suffering an injury that led to surgery her AAU session, she returned where she had fought her way back from the surgery while pushing her way through physical therapy doing everything she could to get back on the court. The first time back was SC, played in KY, and ended her season in Orlando. She did make it back and helped her team win a National Championship. *NOTE: It’s a must to see the comeback story and video pinned to her Twitter page. Alexa’s biggest improvement is finishing around the rim through contact and mastering her mid-range shooting. Getting in the seams and knocking down that shot consistently is a game-changer in itself and Alexa knew that so she worked hard to elevate that part of her game. Her goal for this season was to get faster knowing that having quicker movement with her ball handling is a must.  Also working on knocking down shots repetitively from anywhere on the court will take her game to a whole new level. But the drive to just be a better player in general while helping her teammates get better is her driving passion the most. So far this season, Alexa is averaging 11.1 points, 2.4 assists, 2.7 rebounds, and 4 steals per game. To date, she helped lead her team to the Area 9 Tournament Championship game where they came up a little short after she fouled out. Alexa still had 15 points, 5 assists, 2 rebounds, and 1 steal in that game. 

What coaches should know is that Alexa’s overall skill and IQ and her understanding of how to use them while excelling in communication on the floor sets her apart. Ball movement and decision making is a huge part of what you can always count on from Alexa. Her goal is to play D1 basketball one day. She loves watching the high-intensity battles there and dreams of being a part of that and eventually playing in the WNBA. Alexa would consider any opportunity but is looking for what feels like home and would fit her the best overall.