Certainly trending in the right direction this year, 2026 Jalen Montonati has been having a strong season and is about to head into the playoffs, where he hopes to claim the ultimate title this season. Phenom Hoops introduced Montonati back in March of 2023, talking more about his game and how recruitment had picked up. Well, that only continued as Montonati has picked up some impressive offers over the months, and several big-name schools are recruiting him.

He recently visited Indiana, where he not only received an offer from the Hoosiers but also had a chance to see what Bloomington was all about. He discussed all that and the relationship he has built with that staff, along with a few new interests coming his way.

Phenom: Saw you made a recent visit to Indiana.  How was that visit and what did you get to do there?
Montonati: I had a great time and it was really cool to see around the town of Bloomington. I got to watch shoot-around, look at all the facilities, talk to Coach Woodson and the strength coach, and get to tour all around campus.

Phenom: What were you able to take away or walked away impressed by from the visit?
Montonati: The way I was welcomed and treated when I first got there. They all treated me like family, and it felt like they had known me for a while with the way they were talking to me. They see me as a guy who fits the Indiana culture and who can help them out one day. I saw some support even by some of the fans there so that was cool to see.

Phenom: Who has been your main recruiter there and what kind of relationship have you been able to build with the staff at Indiana?
Montonati: My main recruiter has been Adam Howard. I’ve built a good relationship with the staff in the short amount of time I have talked to them, and I’m looking forward to expanding it and building more of a relationship with them.

Phenom: What is next for you? Are any other visits coming up?
Montonati: I don’t know of any other visits coming up. We’re starting the playoffs this week, so any visits would have to be after my season more than likely.

Phenom: What schools would you say have been recruiting you the hardest as of right now?
Montonati: Arkansas, Kansas State, Kansas, Oklahoma State, Oklahoma, and Indiana.

Phenom: What schools have been picking up interest that has yet to offer?
Montonati: Duke and Baylor are the ones I know of.