2027 Ja’Nyia Cunningham is only a freshman, but she is proving that she is going to be a prospect worth watching and monitoring.  Though it is early in the season, one can see that she brings a ton of production to the table, averaging 16.9 points, 9.9 rebounds, and 1.8 assists per game, really blossoming down in the paint.

Right now, she holds offers from Queens, South Carolina State, and Charleston Southern, and just earned her first big ACC offer from Boston College. We caught up with Cunningham on the latest and how she has been developing her game and handling her recruitment early on.

Lady Phenom: How have you been able to develop this season and what kind of impact have you been able to make for your team in your opinion?

Cunningham: I’ve been putting some work in the gym and doing strength and conditioning a lot outside of practice that has helped me to develop early on in this season and even now. Working on improving my jump shot, stepping outside the 3-point line, attacking the basket, and even speed and agility so I’m able to defend really good guards. I’ve been able to impact my team by being a leader on and off the court, having a big presence inside, being aggressive around the rim, and being able to knock down shots around the perimeter. Also stopping the ball at the top of the press defensively as well. Another thing that has helped me become a better player is watching a lot of college and WNBA games, and finding ways to transfer it into my game.

I’ve been dedicated to enhancing my physical strength through work in the weight room, plus consistent speed and agility work with my trainer. These sessions have significantly contributed to my early-season development and continual improvement. I’ve focused on refining my jump shot, extending my range to the three-point line, and consistently driving downhill to the basket. My speed & agility coach has helped me get faster & more agile, so I can effectively guard smaller, faster players.

I’ve influenced my team positively, serving as a leader both on and off the court. My communication skills help us stay connected during the game, and I maintain a strong defensive presence, especially when initiating our press. Being assertive in the paint and reliable from the perimeter allows me to contribute to the team’s success.

Most importantly, I’ve been a student of the game. Whenever I get a chance, I watch collegiate and WNBA games. Watching these games, I try and incorporate some of their gameplay into my playing style. This has been valuable in helping me elevate my basketball IQ and performance.

Lady Phenom: What is your excitement about earning early attention and big offers from schools?

Cunningham: I have been very blessed to be receiving offers so young this has been very exciting seeing how God has been working and continuing to work in my life. But I do know this is just the beginning so I’m just going to keep my head down and keep grinding and working to be the very best I can be and enjoying the process.