A player that I've been watching a lot as of late, and have watched him on several occasions before is 2026 6'5 Michael Phillip II from Grace Christian.  And from when I watched him during the LIVE period back in April to now, one has to see the leaps this young man has made in just a short time and this could only be the start of something special.

When I first watched him at our Phenom Hoops LIVE, I had this to say:

'2026 6’4 Michael Phillips II (Harvest Development) is an intriguing young prospect. Love his early length, making plays in a variety of ways, and staying aggressive as well. Young man playing up and one to watch.'

At that point, he was showing potential and flashes of what he could be but was also still learning the game and what he could provide.  Now fast-forwarding to today, just a few months later, and Phillips has only continued to develop, added more to his game, and his confidence is only growing.

Now again, he still has a ways to go in what I believe he could ultimately be in the end, but he has made tremendous strides overall.  The 6'5 long, lengthy prospect is showing the ability to be a difference-maker on both ends of the court.  His confidence and shot-making from behind the arc continue to improve drastically, he is getting stronger and adding more to his game, he brings a lot of versatility with his length, and also is making plays on the defensive side of the ball.

There is a lot to like and Phillips is quickly trending high up the rankings, especially if he continues to lock in, work on his game, and continue to develop' all the cards are there to make him something special.  Now, time will only tell as he is still young but 2026 Michael Phillips II is a name that you may be hearing a lot more about quickly.