Myers Park Lady Mustangs is a very intriguing team this year that offers an array of talent, and one of the clear leaders for the team this year is 2024 Jerin Truesdale, and she proved that at the George Lynch Invitational. She led the way on Day 1 in a big win for her team, as she continues to showcase her ability to impact the game from a variety of areas.  Truesdale does a great job in scoring and creating, getting to her spots but not forcing shots, finding ways to be an effective scorer as well as being strong on the boards at her position, being a tough defender, and really sharing the ball well with her teammates.

This was said at the event:

“Truesdale was the leader for this team on Day 1, being a strong offensive presence offensively, making an impact in a variety of ways, being a playmaker as well as an offensive threat.  I really like her IQ and her ability to lead the charge in an impressive showing to start the day.”

She is one that should have the attention of many this year as she leads the charge.

Top 80 Evaluation:
“Moving onto a player that provided her camp team with a steady, reliable presence on both ends of the floor, Jerin Truesdale. She’s a smart, strong, team-oriented wing/forward prospect with a high motor and an understanding of how to do the little things on a consistent basis. Truesdale is a phenomenal two-way rebounder that runs the floor hard in transition and capitalizes as a finisher around the basket. She possesses great quickness, penetration ability, and a willingness to set up others whenever possible. Truesdale moves really well without the ball to find opportunities as a cutter and spot-up threat. She’s also great at hustling to get back and shut down opposing fast breaks. Next in her development process is working on the use of her off-hand, as it would make her a better ball-handler. Coach Jacobs on Truesdale: “Jerin is a strong player that hustles very well on the court. She talks on defense and rebounds with two hands while looking for a guard. Jerin is able to attack the basket when needed and shoot when open.” Truesdale did a lot of things well at camp and should be a key piece for Myers Park during her upcoming senior season.”