By: Brandon Wingo

2024 5'6 Devian Smith

A player that might get overlooked at first due to his size, Devian Smith has the ability to completely take over a game. He's a gritty, quick point guard that is aggressive on both ends of the floor. He's an incredible on-ball defender and specializes in making life hard for opposing guards and had several steals in both games yesterday. He attacks hard in transition and there were multiple possessions where he beat defenders to the paint off of made baskets. He has outstanding body control in the air that allows him to make some tough finishes around the rim through defenders and is very capable of using his ability to draw defenders to dish to the open teammate.

2024 6'2 Jaylon Bumpass

There aren't many players that can get hot and take over a game, but Jaylon Bumpass is one of those guys. He exploded for a 23-point first half in his second game and got his team out to a sizeable lead. He's a shifty ball handler that can iso defenders to get to the rim where he uses his athleticism to play at the rim. He also showed glimpses of his ability to create space and knocked down some tough jump shots.

2024 6'7 Cooper Jackson

One of the most complete forward prospects we saw was Cooper Jackson. Jackson a strong-bodied wing at 220lbs and uses his frame to control the paint on both ends of the floor. He showcased excellent footwork and a soft touch scoring in the paint and does a great job at finding the holes in the defense to get create easy dump offs. He excels at being big on the defensive end to make it hard on opponents and shows that he has the ability to guard wings as well as bigs. Just a solid, get-it-done guy that contributes to winning in a lot of ways.

2025 6'2 Jake Benham

Moving on to one the best pure shooters I've seen this summer in Jake Benham. He's playing up this summer with the 2024 Mint Hill Lakers squad, but you wouldn't know by watching him play. He finished with 27 points and 6 3's in his second game yesterday and that hasn't been uncommon from him this summer. Yesterday he showcased his ability to shoot out of the PnR as well as off the catch and attacked the basket strong and under control to keep defenders honest.