Every year July allows players to break out … Players who have all the tools, who have the size, the touch, the explosion, the skill set to play at a high level, but for whatever reason have been late bloomers or fallen under the proverbial radar. Phenom’s Summer Havoc LIVE is notorious for these Summer Blow Ups as it has been the stage where the likes of Aaron Nesmith picked up 20 offers and who can forget when Murray State Head Coach Matt McMahan got his first viewing of Ja Morant and subsequently offered the 2019 #2 pick in the NBA Draft at Phenom’s Summer Havoc.

Every year there are storylines of breakouts and players who seemingly come from nowhere. The 2019 version of Phenom’s Summer Havoc is no different. Here are some players we can see the wheels turning when Mid Major coaches sit down and think about their future potential …


6’5” 2020 Traveon Davis
Upward Stars Columbia
Offers: SC State

Davis has every single tool you want, and when it all comes together with/for him it is something to watch. Standing at 6’5” and 205 pounds, Davis has a college frame. He also has a measured 42” max vertical leap, so the frame, size and explosion are there. However, what really makes Davis an interesting prospect is he shot 52% from 3 last season, on 180 attempts. 20 points, 6 boards and 3 steals per game, leading his team to a 29-0 record and a state title. Davis has an offer from local South Carolina State, however, with the likes of College of Charleston, Winthrop, East Carolina, Old Dominion, and others on him since the June Scholastic Live Period, he is one we could see experience an explosion on the recruiting front this weekend.

6’2” 2020 Trevon Williams
DTA Elite
Offers: NA

His lack of offers is perplexing, leading us to believe Williams is one of (if not THE) most underrated players in North Carolina for this class. He is an absolute force on the offensive end, a true combo guard who just creates buckets. He can initiate offense and has good vision, but he will also go for 30 at any given time. Williams just has the look of a Kevin Anderson (Richmond) type of guard who just goes into a mid-major program and kills there. Schools should be very excited to be looking closely here and enjoy this breakout.

6’7” 2021 Omarion Bodrick
DTA Elite
Offers: NA

Bodrick looks the part coming off the bus. He has broad shoulders and long arms. However, where Bodrick differentiates himself is his timing, which pairs very nicely with incredible athletic pop. He is a shot blocker extraordinaire who does a great job getting into the passing lanes and disrupting everything going on. He is a high flyer as he gets downhill toward the rim as he plays well in his dunk spots and running the floor in transition. A very underrated aspect of Bodrick’s game is his passing/court vision as well as his ability to put it on the floor for 1 and 2 dribbles to get to the rim. His recruiting is all over the place with schools from LM to HM on him, it will be interesting to see who is first to throw their hat in the mix as they shouldn’t be alone for long.

6’3” 2021 Javonte Waverly
Royal Knights
Offers: NA

Waverly just sees the game in a different light than most. He is two plays ahead at all times with an excellent understanding of angles and the ability to deliver pocket passes off the bounce, with left hand or right hand. He has a good dribble, plays at an excellent pace and has the ability to score the basketball. He won’t wow you with his athleticism, but he is very much enough athletic, but as you continue to watch Waverly, he will continue to wow you with his IQ and how he makes the game so easy. This one is a winner, has a huge competitive chip on his shoulder and makes everyone on the floor better. A lot to like, which is why schools such as Maryland and East Carolina have inquired about him.

Here is this weekend’s schedule https://recruitifyhoops.com/#/viewSchedule/311/eventSchedule/?eventGuid=4aebc3a2-e193-4106-aa7a-6a6c466da966

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