Every year July allows players to break out ' Players who have all the tools, who have the size, the touch, the explosion, the skill set to play at a high level, but for whatever reason have been late bloomers or fallen under the proverbial radar. Phenom's Summer Havoc LIVE is notorious for these Summer Blow Ups as it has been the stage where the likes of Aaron Nesmith picked up 20 offers and who can forget when Murray State Head Coach Matt McMahan got his first viewing of Ja Morant and subsequently offered the 2019 #2 pick in the NBA Draft at Phenom's Summer Havoc.

Every year there are storylines of breakouts and players who seemingly come from nowhere. The 2019 version of Phenom's Summer Havoc is no different. Here are some players who we expect to experience huge breakouts, guys who have the potential to go from zero offers to five plus in one weekend ' COACHES, keep a close eye on every one of them.


6'4' 2020 Kalib Matthews
Royal Knights

This is one we could see having a huge breakthrough for the live period, with multiple offers coming through. We mean, what is there not to like about a 6'4' shooting guard who has a 6'9' wingspan, can put his elbows at the rim (and will do so on your head) and has a silky smooth touch from 3 (with deep range on it)'! We as that question somewhat sarcastically as we know the answer is, THERE IS EVERYTHING TO LIKE ABOUT THAT KID! As he goes for 25+ every game, this is what we all have come to expect from Matthews. So yes, D1s we urge you to not miss the boat here.

6'3' 2020 Jordan Campbell
Squires Richmond

Coaches always talk about shooting. Campbell is a pure bucket getter. He really opened eyes during the VISAA Showcase, the June Scholastic Team Camp Virginia held. Since his scoring onslaught there, the likes of Army, VMI, and Radford have targeted Campbell. Look for him to continue his bucket getting ways this weekend, and we will see how much these coaches really like bucket getters and shot creators.

6'8' 2020 Elijah Roye
Squires Richmond

The upside here is huge, not only that but let's talk about his 3.6 GPA and 1150 SAT score. This should be a major target for academic schools as he checks the boxes. A good rebounder and defender, who can move his feet and block shots, Roye is able to put his back to the basket as well as face up and knock down 3s. Like Campbell, Roye's play at the VISAA Showcase earned him heavy interest from the likes of Yale, UC-Irvine and NC Central, but seeing that was his breakout, that should be just the tip of the iceberg. We have Roye and Campbell for 7 games over this weekend, these schools should be able to get a great feel for them both.

6' 2020 Anthony Allen
DTA Elite
Offers: Rider

Sure he already has a D1 offer, but that just camp last week after Allen absolutely exploded during the NCHSAA June Scholastic Team Camp. Allen is a menacing on the ball defender, for 94 feet. He is strong, explosive and quick twitch with an aggressive outlook. He shoots the cover off the ball, both off the catch and the bounce, and he transitions from defense to offense as quick as anyone in the Carolinas with blazing end to end speed. Yes, there is a lot to like here, which is why he has a slew of Division 1 programs on him closely.

6'3' 2020 Jackeem Herbin
NC Red Storm

Herbin has a super interesting game, as you look at him off the rip and he is very strong with incredible arm length. In the game, he is comfortable as a secondary ball handler and part-time initiator and he can also really shoot the ball, especially off the catch (the more translatable way over off the bounce). Herbin is the type of guy who will never wow you if you're not looking for him, but if you chart him during a game (or through multiple games) you will see him pad stats all over the board, and you will see him really contribute heavy to wins. A lot to like with this one, one that D1s should be looking closely to as he will get to campus and be hard to take off the floor for four years.

6'5' 2020 Auldon Edwards
NC Gaters

Edwards is a hooper, it is that plain and simple. Blessed with great length and athleticism, his smooth nature is what really catches your eyes. Edwards is also a D1 football recruit, as a wide receiver, but basketball is where his heart lies. He brings that football toughness to the basketball court as he is a lockdown type defender when he really engages, also an active rebounder. This is one the D1s should be looking closely at, because, despite his 20 points, 8 rebounds and 4 assists per game production he is already giving out, get him on campus and he still has a lot of room for growth. When future upside meets current production, that’s a good crossroads for coaches to live at.

6'5' 2020 Jaden Scriven
Team Wall SE
Offers: Lee's McRae

Ask us how to describe this one, and we won't know what to tell you outside of you want him on your team because the alternative would be to go against him for four years, and you don't want that problem. Scriven is a do it all, get it done type of wing. Super strong, ridiculously explosive, quick twitch athleticism and plays with a major chip on his shoulder, he is a lock for a double/double while also defending the oppositions best player at the 1 through 4 positions. He can line up at the high post, on the wing, down on the block or spot up as a catch and shoot guy. Yes, he is hard to pigeon hole as anything other than a winner. Coaches, throw your boxes out the window when recruiting him and know you just want him on your team.

6'8' 2020 Tyler Young
New Light Disciples
Offers: UVA-Wise

Young is an absolute beast on the block. He gobbles up rebounds like it’s his job (board man gets paid) and during any given game you can go ahead and chalk him up for double-figure rebounds. He has excellent hands, very soft and passer friendly, which he uses to catch and finish virtually everything around the basket. He is a sturdy 250 pounds and he knows how to use his body, and understands angles and his hips. Another lock to get a double/double each time on the floor, this one is ridiculously productive. Not sure why he hasn't already started collecting the offers, but seriously with what he does and how he does it, he should.

6'5' 2020 Nygell Verdier
DTA Elite

What is there not to like about a 6'5' shooting guard who can absolutely stroke it, who rebounds with the trees, has good court vision, with great length and athleticism. I mean, yeah that sounds like a sure-fire Division 1 guy, doesn't it' Well, what are these coaches waiting on' This one is easy to trust your eye on, he checks all of the traditional boxes, not to mention he plays within himself, is never in a rush and lets the offense flow and come to him ' yes everything about his game is extremely translatable. It will be interesting to see which coaches jump on board here, without question whoever gets Verdier on campus will have someone who cracks the lineup early and stays on the floor of.

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