By: Nailah Thomas

The Wake County Basketball Association, also known as WCBA, is constantly raising the bar during the Phenom Hoops Showcases. During the #PhenomSummerShowcase, intern reporter Nailah Thomas got the chance to catch Coach Craig Wilson of the 15U squad as he goes further into the foundation of this team and their wins over the weekend.

WCBA strives to provide a family-oriented environment for all players. They represent respect, self-discipline, and loyalty. WCBAs 2026 team just recently won the overtime game for the 15U Blue Championship. WCBA is a hardworking team, it takes time and dedication to get to where they are today. Coach Wilson says, “We spend a lot of time in the gym working…” this group has been together for a long time.”

When watching WCBA you see the team’s chemistry on the court as well as carrying over everything they’ve been working on in practice and putting it out on the floor. He also credits the founder of the WCBA program Jason Fitzgerald for their success over the years. This team is dedicated, and they love to win, they put their hearts out on the floor. They not only do it for themselves, but also for the team, their coaches, and their families; that’s what makes WCBA different. Wilson says, “They are so coachable, they do everything I ask them to do, they play their roles, bought into my system and it works for them.” You can definitely see that reflected on the court.

The coach provides the kids with tough love, which drives them to want more wins. He teaches them respect and the whole team is accountable for their actions. Coach says he’s hard on them “because I want them to win in basketball, but I also want them to win at life, so I work really hard on respect and teaching them about life.”