To be completely honest with you all, I’ve probably looked forward to this weekend more than any other one since the summer concluded. Our entire Phenom Hoops has finally made the trip here in my home state for the 2019 ‘Virginia Phenom 150 Camp.’ I haven’t seen the crew since May so it feels great having them all at the ‘U-Turn Sports Complex’ (Richmond, VA) for what should be a commonly productive day of camp. Per usual, our scouts will spend hours of analyzing prospects in drills and games for endless exposure; highlighting some names that may come both as familiar and new to others monitoring our updates. Expect tweets and write-ups to persist all morning and afternoon long until the camp wraps up around the early evening time. Nothing beats a Phenom camp, that’s for sure!

Here’s my personal choice of campers who stood out in the first morning portion of Saturday; my ‘first half standouts,’ as I like to call them.



6’4” Devawn White ’21 – The Carmel School (Ruther Glen, VA):

Similar to what I saw in a recent preseason ‘open gym tour’ visit to the Carmel Wildcats’ grounds, White showed this morning that he’s very capable of making an impact this first year in Virginia. The lefty wing has some good scoring tools from various levels and can finish above the rim in transition. He doesn’t need many shots to put up a considerable number of points. Efficiency tends to always stand out and I see the junior making his high school teammates quite happy if he continues to hone his skills. A 2021 name to know in Virginia Independent Schools Athletic Association (VISAA) Division III.


6’5” Justin Taylor ’22 – St. Anne’s Belfield School (Charlottesville, VA):

The super sophomore just keeps looking stronger and more athletic each new time I see him. Taylor made shots from deep range early on but looked even better getting into the lane for finishes. His improved strength helps him bully opponents now and a 6’5” height advantage also allows him to spot mismatches going up against other guards. The fact that he’s attempting to dunk on more opponents now appears as a scary sight. Most opposing guards will likely end up fouling due to a struggle in attempting to neutralize Taylor physically. He’s skilled, confident, and a natural talent.


6’11” Sasha Glushkov ’20 – Blue Ridge School (St. George, VA):

One of the few seniors in attendance, I hinted in one of my tweets how it perplexes me that the big fella isn’t receiving more attention from next-level programs. Glushkov can make a lot happen at his exceptional height. He’s a very good shooter from three-point range but performed nicely facing up for short drives to the rim. Looking comfortable and assertive in that area definitely impressed me the most. There’s not much defenders can do with him once he decides to get it and go. I’d deem him as a big-time steal for whoever gives the senior chance.


6’4” Donald Hand, Jr. ’22 – Landstown HS (Virginia Beach, VA):

A talented guard whom most in the state of Virginia know all about, Hand, Jr. had one of the quickest starts than any other camper; posting a game-high 22 points in his first outing. He’s a nightmare to deal with in transition, as the 757 native can slice his way for finishes and also set up others. All his peers have to do is run the floor hard and the sophomore frequently makes the right decision. His shot mechanics still could use some fixing up but there’s no doubt that he’s one of the next ‘up-and-comers’ residing in the Tidewater region. Old Dominion, James Madison, Hampton, and Penn State have all offered.


5’11” Maurice Vincent ’21 – The Carmel School (Ruther Glen, VA):

The Wildcat looked at his most aggressive offensively than I’ve seen from him in the past, as he enjoyed a good showing of three-pointers and transition finishes. As a spot-up guy, Vincent gets to his spots quickly and lets it fly without much hesitation. He has a quick release, can locate to any area on the floor, and knows his strengths. Finishing-wise, the guard does best taking available lanes in the open floor. If he starts to put it on the deck more in half-court settings, it could expand his scoring skills greatly.


6’1” Ihsan Duncan ’22 – Hampton HS (Hampton, VA):

Firstly, Duncan’s competitiveness gives him a notable edge. He plans to go at defenses each and every time, while typically succeeding as a shot-maker. This being my second time watching him perform, I thought the two-guard’s three-pointer looked very solid. He’s confident as a shot-creator and strong with getting to the rim. Becoming more adept in his playmaking skills, more so for others, could improve his stock. At Duncan’s size, he may need to potentially take on a lead guard role in various stretches.


6’5” Derrick Jones ’21 – Blue Ridge School (St. George, VA):

One of the bounciest attendees, nobody really dared to jump with the 6’5” wing once he made his way up into the air. Jones has hops for days and uses it to his advantage mainly as a slasher. Even though he appears most comfortable close to the rim, the junior can also step out for shots from beyond the arc and took a good deal of such attempts during his first two games. If he can display this in more of an effective manner, along with sharpening up his ball skills, Jones will trace away from being primarily known as an athlete, that’s for sure.





Games are still ongoing as we speak. Make sure to check our website ( for many recaps of standouts!