Valparaiso has done a terrific job in finding talent, especially from Canada. They already have Daniel Sackey, who is from Winnipeg and they have now secured a commitment, hopefully with their future point guard in Darius DeAveiro. The connection that the staff and DeAveiro developed over the last year or so played a critical factor in his decision, along with the background Valparaiso has with international prospects.

Phenom Hoops spoke recently with DeAveiro about his recent commitment and what ultimately made his decision easy along with what he hopes to bring.

PHR: What made Valparaiso the place for you in the end'

DeAveiro: I think mostly the fit and how well they treat their Canadian players. Their Canadian point guard will be a senior when I get there, so I am excited to work alongside him for a year. The Canadians there I’ve talked to have given nothing but great feedback on the Valpo team, so it felt like a great fit.

PHR: Who form the staff did you develop a great relationship with from that program'

DeAveiro: Coach Luke Gore definitely. He first watched me play about a year and a half ago and we have been in touch ever since. I’ve gotten to know his children as well. As well, the head coach, Coach Lottich, has been in contact with me, a lot over the last couple of months.

PHR: What did you have to say to them when you told them about your decision' What did they have to say when you committed'

DeAveiro: I just told coach I am ready to commit to your program and bring a lot of winning and leadership to their group. I mentioned I was overly excited about the opportunity. They were excited as well. Coach Lottich and Coach Gore really seemed thankful for me to commit to Valpo.

PHR: What do they think you can bring with your game to the program'

DeAveiro: Leadership, speed, and winning. I feel like even as a freshman, guys can learn off me and I can learn off them equally as much. I like to control the pace and play fast when running the point and I have won three straight national championships in Canada. So I think I can bring some winning mentality to Valpo.

PHR: How would you best describe your game'

DeAveiro: Steady point guard, pass first but can get to his spots to shoot. Great defensively and very active.

PHR: What excites you about the future at Valpo, now that you will be part of it'

DeAveiro: The interactions I encounter as well as just putting on the jersey for the first time.

PHR: Anything you would like to tell the future Valpo fans'

DeAveiro: I’m going to bring energy and be a dog on the court and off the court. I want Valpo to be the best four years and to interact with the community as much as I can.